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Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque , Mexico

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160822-anrheAqueduct of Padre Tembleque , Mexico

Origenally constructed between 1553 and 1570 , the aqueduct stretches for 45 kms. Between the states of Mexico and Hidalgo on the central Mexican Plateau. The system  encompasses a water catchment area , springs, canals, distribution tanks and arcaded aqueduct bridges. There are three arcades along the aqueduct  : the first has 46 arches, the second 13 , and the third 67 , also known as Main Arcade. Its tallest arch stands 38.75 metres tall and it is the highest single-level arcade ever built in an aqueduct.

A Franciscan friar , Padre Tembleque , built it with support from local indigenous peoples. The hydraulic system is  a fine blending of Roman hydraulics with traditional Mesoamerican construction techniques, including the use of adobe .



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