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Traditional cloth if you are enjoying Garba


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Now a day, “Dholi Taro Dhol“ and “ Ramleela“ style Garba are becoming too much popular in the field of dance. In the old days women were searching for a time to communicate, getting get together in the festival like a “ Navratri”, but now it is spread out of domain. It has come an importance of event due to which one may get chance to show their talents as well. Not only the women but men are also taking part in it. Some features of Garba dance

Perfection in dance :

For getting perfection in Garba dance,youngsters  as well as dance lover give most importance to their steps, for that they try to join classes or try to take training from perfectionist of  Garba. Before the Navratri, most of the lovers of Garba join class of  Garba before a month so as to improve steps. Here there is a proper equation that more practice of dance , more is the perfect dance .Some types of Garba such as eleven steps  Garba,Western and Bollywood style Garba, Hundred steps  Garba ,Sanedo ,  Dodiyo

are types which are very famous in youngsters, are taught in groups in Garba classes. These are generally played in large groups .In addition to that two claps as well as six clap Garba are also famous in this dance. During Navratri, Garba for couples are also organized as a competition. For couples also training of  Garba are available. For couple Garba, salsa  Garba is much popular. If there is a only somewhat restriction to girls, then there is much preference given to Bale gard Garba. Special type of workshop, youngsters as well as  Garba

lovers spent more money as per their capacity because only money spending is not a factor but getting a enjoyment as well as satisfactory service towards Goddesses Durga.

More preference to Ghagra and  kediyu:

It is necessary to have a traditional cloth if you are enjoying  Garba,  For that people purchase, traditional costumes. For women, Ghagra and for men  Kediyu are some of traditional costumes which are more popular in Garba. For getting more variety in these costumes people try to purchase on online or go to big market.

More market is available in Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Surat and Vadodara. . In some cases, organizers make a arrangement of providing costumes. Rate of Costumes are generally from 1000 INR to 50,000 INR. But people try to take on rental base. There are also some shops which provide the costumes for

Garba. Youngsters always take a interest for purchasing costumes. Various types of various color combinations are available in market in Ghagra . Another type of combination with Jacket is also becoming popular in this pattern. For making an attractive personnel image : Many events are organized in most of the cities during Navratri, but youngsters try to attend in selected events due to some social and security reasons. Some  Garba

competitions are organized where youngsters plays very important role in enjoying Garba . Selection of groups, selection of partner of  Garba dance, selection of events determine the status of youth. Number of prizes are also given in  Garba competitions. For winning prizes participant take too much interest in steps of  Garba which is most important factor of Garba performing. For getting in an entry in high profile locality, youngsters ready to pay the charges as well. Some types of entry fee also applicable to Garba competition so as to reduce the entry of number of people. For taking part in High profile Garba Dancing, youngsters ready to pay more money as per their desiration . In high profile Garba they can show their talent of dancing because in high profile Garba competition, there is possibility of attending many stars and celebrities, which may get status and become the image of youngsters.

 Selection of Parner

For playing Garba , partner plays a dancing role in falling steps with dancer . Those who are in relationship

has a partner but those who are in single has a partner of their suitable choice that may male or female.

Navratri is a festival which has got a touch of event. As Navratri is approaching, people are all set for festivities and looking forward to have a gala time with family members and friends. Navratri, as the name suggests, ‘Nav’ stands for nine and ‘Ratri ’ stands for night. During these nine days, devotees worship nine incarnations of goddess Durga and people perform Dandiya and  Gharbha dance. The tenth day is commonly referred to as

Vijayadashami or ‘ Dussehra ’. Though there are in total five types of Navratri that come in a year,  Sharad Navaratri is the most popular one. It is a Hindu belief that ones who worship Goddess Durga during these nine days are blessed with prosperity, health and wisdom throughout their life. There are different ways in which Navratri is celebrated in different states of India. In West Bengal, the last four days of  Sharad

Navratri take on a particularly dramatic form where they are celebrated as Durga Puja. In the Punjab, Navratri is known as  Navratras where the first seven days are for fasting. On the eighth day, devotees break their fasts by calling young girls home and these girls are treated as goddess herself. In Gujarat and Mumbai, the Navratri festivity is celebrated with the famous  Garba and  Dandiya Raas dance. In Maharashtra, on the first day of month of Ashwin,  Ghatasthapana is celebrated where an earthen pot is filled with water surrounded by clay in which food grains are sown and are allowed to sprout for nine days. Also, in these western, Navratri is celebrated with a ‘Garbo’, an earthen pot with holes in it that is placed in a holy part of the house and worshiped daily. The earthen pot or Garbo signifies the womb. The Hindu deity Durga is the protector of the world and protects her children from the wrath of the outside world. Though nine days of Navratri are full of festivities,  Gharbha and  Dandiya dance forms add more to the grand celebration.  Garba is a dance form that is originated in Gujarat. ‘ Garbha ’ is a Sanskrit term, which means womb and is usually performed in a circle around a big lamp or the statue of Goddess Shakti. While the dancers perform  Gharbha , they move around in circles making movements with their hands and feet. This circle represents the circle of life, which moves from life to death to rebirth, leaving only the Goddess Durga unmoved and invincible. Another well-known dance form that is performed during Navratri is  Dandiya .  Dandiya is also termed as ‘Stick Dance’ as dancers use designed and colourful sticks and move in a circular motion. The special feature of the  Dandiya dance is that women are dressed in  colourful way that adds to their beauty and grace.  Dandiya is a very energetic dance form that involves eye contact. However, people are often confused with  the  two dance forms  Gharbha and  Dandiya . The stark difference between the two is that  Gharbha is performed in circular movements with only hand and feet movements, while  Dandiya is played with colorful sticks.


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