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USHA MANGESHKAR :-The divine gifts of music

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USHA MANGESHKAR :-The divine gifts of music

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‘Tumhavar keli mi marjee bahal naka sodun jaoo Rangmahal’. This song from the film ‘Pinjara’ is yet on the list of music lovers. Music is their life and recognition in such world renowned Mangeshkar family. Usha Mangeshkar was born and she has given the treasure of memorable songs to the world,

The divine gifts of music which mangeshkar family got, Ushatai was not the exception. Among Dinanath and Shevanti Mangeshkar’s children Lata, Asha, Meena and Hridaynath, Usha was the youngest. She was born on 15th December 1935. Her music lessons started from the family itself. Lata and Asha ,her two sisters already had become the famous singers. The song ‘Apalam Chapalam from the Hindi film ‘Azaad’ was the milestone of her life.


But the song in the film ‘Jai Santoshi Maa’ in 1975 was  given the new dimensions to her singing talent. The low budget film was not only record break, but the song ‘Main to Aarati Uootaru Re …’ sung by Ushatai, became the most popular one. For this song Ushatai was nominated for the best playback singer.

In 2006, in the remake of the film, playback singer was Ushatai. Later she sang ‘Mungada Tu Mungada’ from the film ‘Inkar’. Even today this melodious song is heard in many functions. Ushatai sang title song of the film ‘Khatta Mitha’ and the music lovers appreciated the song wholeheartedly. Once again she was nominated as the best playback singer for the song ‘Hamse nazar to milao’ from the film ‘Ikarar’ in 1980. The song ‘Sare niyam tod do’, ‘Niyam se chalana chod do’ recorded on actress rekha for the film ‘Khubsoorat’ became most famous popular. Besides Hindi, her Marathi and Gujarati songs also were liked by the people.

She has given justice to every kind of songs. Her famous songs were ‘Sagara Pran Talamalala’, ‘Aaee Anakhi baba yatoon kon awade adhik Toola’, ‘Ek kolha bahu bhukela’, ‘Sasa tu sasa’, ‘Keliche sagale baag’, ‘Ek lazara ana sajara mukhada’, ‘ Kunya gawacha ala pakharu’, ‘Godd gojiri laj lajiree’, ‘Disla ga bai disla’, ‘Chabidaar chabi mee toryat ubhi’, ‘Jeewan gane gatacha rahave’, ‘ Rajachya rangmahali’, ‘Mala ishkachi ingali dasali’ & ‘Mala lagali kunachi uchaki’. Besides the songs like ‘Rachiya vrushimuninnee’, ‘Mazee renuka Mauli’ also were popular. The song ‘Hil hil pori hila’ is  famous too. Though her voice is as sweet as her sisters Lata and Asha, due to her unique style, it has natural sweetness.


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