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The most famous Hollywood actresses at this moment are Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone. But many critics predict that another highly

talented actress will soon join the group. The name of the actress is Gal Gadot and she recently became one of the most discussed actresses in the movie making capital due to the fact that she was chosen for the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming Zack Snyder’s movie Batman vs Superman. And while numerous people are debating about this decision we aren’t going to. Instead we will present to you interesting facts about this rising Israeli actress that will not only impress you with her acting skills but with her beauty and charisma as well.

  1. One of the most interesting facts about the actress is that she describes herself as ¼ Czech, ¼ Polish, ¼ Austrian and ¼ German. She does so because her grandparents are Jews that returned to Israel from these countries. Another interesting fact about her family is that both her parents are born outside of Israel meaning that they are considered as Sabras by the Israeli people.
  2. Her name has a strong maritime meaning due to the fact that her name “Gal” means wave in Hebrew and her surname “Gadot” means riverbank.
  3. This is undoubtedly the most amazing fact about this fine and gentle actress. Gal Gadot has a military background and when we say that she has a military background we don’t mean that she has a relative that has been in the army. We mean that she has been in the army. Yes, it is right Gal Gadot has been part of the Israeli Defense Force for two years. When asked about her military past she often says that she is very proud of it and that her military training has given her a wide knowledge of weapons which had aided her to land her role of Gisele Harabo in the Fast and Furious series.
  4. At the age of 19 she became Miss Israeli and represented her country at the 2004 Miss Universe competition in Quito, Ecuador. As unbelievable as it may sound she didn’t manage to get into the top 15 and therefore didn’t get ranked.
  5. In 2012, Gal Gadot was ranked number 5 by Shalom Life in the top 50 most intelligent, talented, funny and beautiful Jewish women in the world.
  6. Currently she is the second highest paid Israeli model in the world. She is second only to Bar Refaeli.
  7. She won her first role in the Israeli television show Bubot, where she played the role of Miriam Elkayam. Since then she has made appearances in two more Israeli TV shows.
  8. Her first big screen role was the aforementioned role of Gisele Harabo, a role which she has played in two more installment of the Fast and Furious series and which she will play in the upcoming seventh movie from the series.
  9. She will be the first ever actress to impersonate the Amazon Princess Diana of Themyscira also known as Wonder Woman in a big screen movie. In fact Gal Gadot is scheduled to play the role of Wonder Woman in a total of three movies one of which will be a standalone movie about the heroine.
  10. Gadot is an avid sports fan and is enrolled in the rosters of a volleyball, basketball and tennis team.
  11. She has often described herself as an avid automobile and motorcycling aficionados and she never misses to point out that she owns a top speed Ducati motorcycle.
  12. The director of the Fast and Furious movies, Justin Lin had Gadot do her own stunts. A task that she execute happily and marvelously. To date she is one of the few female actresses in Hollywood that do their own stunts.
  13. In 2008, the actress got married to her longtime boyfriend Yaron Varsano. So sorry boys but the charismatic and talented actress is off limits. In 2011 her first child, a baby girl named Alma was born.
  14. She and her husband are the owners of a hotel in Tel Aviv. The hotel is located in the district of Neve Tzedek which is one of the city’s most well known neighborhoods.

source : galgadot.org


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