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People originated from an eclectic mix of traders


  Trazania which from east African country  which has mostly wilderness area which includes the plains of Serengeti National Park, a safari mecca populated by the “big five” game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino), and Kilimanjaro National Park, home to Africa’s highest mountain.  some of known unknown things are Being a […]

Inverse rotation of time


Ethiopia, which formally referred to as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a nation situated in North Africa (northeastern Africa, to be specific). It is bordered by Kenya, Eritrea, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia and South Sudan. It’s the second-most crowded nation in Africa Ethiopia’s Axumite and Dahamat civilizations are amongst […]

Large waterfall was also created within the Film City


At Ramoji Film City, nature’s grandeur – woods, hills and lakes – frame the stunning human conceptions such as studios, gardens, hotels, multi-storied buildings and flexible mock-ups. According to film and serial’s script many things may change on demand. ‘Princess Street’ – The stunning avenue lined up with tall buildings […]

Important role in world economy


Japan which is rising country and most developed country playing a very important role in world economy. Some of known unknown things are as follow In Japanese, the name “Japan” is Nihon or Nippon, which means “Land of the Rising Sun.” It was once believed that Japan was the first […]

Has a some type of romantic feeling


Enjoying sunset and sunrise at various destination has a some type of romantic feeling in their life. If you are enjoying in the last week of December, it has some type of different mood of enjoyment. In the year ending some people always think about new year celebration which has […]

City of David in 1010 BCE,


Jerusalem city is pilgrimage and worship for Jews, Christians and Muslims since the biblical era some of important things which must be known to you. Jerusalem is found all over Jewish practice: it’s mentioned on holidays, at funerals and weddings, and during daily prayers. Many Jews face Jerusalem, the site of […]

That developed mainly in the northwestern regions of South Asia

Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus or Harappan Civilization was a Bronze Age society that developed mainly in the northwestern regions of South Asia from 5300 to 3300 years ago, at about the same time as urban civilizations developed in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Archaeological evidence shows that many of the settlements in the Indus […]

Somewhat other than other ,a Nordic island


Iceland, a Nordic island nation, is defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. Massive glaciers are protected in Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull national parks. Most of the population lives in the capital, Reykjavik, which runs on geothermal power and is home to the National and […]

Waste disposal to Cyprus


Every country on the surface of earth is facing a problem of waste management which is becoming more critical day by day With more visitors heading to Cyprus, the Mediterranean island’s waste disposal system is under pressure, despite efforts to cut landfill use and encourage recycling and waste management. Tourists […]

Heavy fine against waste


Rs. 2 lakhs in indian currency is chargeable for smoking in the area of beach in Thailand The ban, which comes into force in November, coincides with Thailand’s peak tourist season and will be enforced in visitor hotspots, including Krabi, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Phuket and Phang Nga. If you smoke […]