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Has a some type of romantic feeling


Enjoying sunset and sunrise at various destination has a some type of romantic feeling in their life. If you are enjoying in the last week of December, it has some type of different mood of enjoyment. In the year ending some people always think about new year celebration which has […]

Waste disposal to Cyprus


Every country on the surface of earth is facing a problem of waste management which is becoming more critical day by day With more visitors heading to Cyprus, the Mediterranean island’s waste disposal system is under pressure, despite efforts to cut landfill use and encourage recycling and waste management. Tourists […]

Heavy fine against waste


Rs. 2 lakhs in indian currency is chargeable for smoking in the area of beach in Thailand The ban, which comes into force in November, coincides with Thailand’s peak tourist season and will be enforced in visitor hotspots, including Krabi, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Phuket and Phang Nga. If you smoke […]

Beautiful white sand beaches in ……

Thailand is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches and stunning, clear blue seas. With over 2,000 miles of coastline and 8,000 tropical islands, Thailand offers visitors a wide variety of beaches to choose from, including quiet, secluded coves and stretches of sand that are filled with wild partying tourists. […]

Smallest and richest state of India

Feni, made from the fermented fruit of the cashew tree, is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Goa. Goa is India’s smallest but richest state which is located on along the Arabian Sea on the west coast of India Goa has a GDP per capita two and a half times […]

Storing electricity in paper

Storing electricity in paper Researchers at Linköping University’s Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Sweden, have developed power paper — a new material with an outstanding ability to store energy. The material consists of nanocellulose and a conductive polymer. The results have been published in Advanced Science. One sheet, 15 centimeters in […]