No forecasting of love scientifically

Here’s some heartbreaking news for people pinning their hopes on online matchmaking sites: It’s virtually impossible to forecast a love connection. Maybe that’s not so shocking to survivors of the dating wars. But now science is weighing in. Extensive background data on two individuals — comparable to that collected by […]

How quickly the Oceans are Melting Greenland Source

In 2015, in a moment of science communication genius, NASA created a mission called “OMG.” The acronym basically ensured that a new scientific mission — measuring how quickly the Oceans are Melting Greenland — would get maximum press attention. The subject is actually extremely serious. OMG amounts to a comprehensive attempt, […]

3-D-printed ‘octobot’ has no electronics

  A team of Harvard University researchers with expertise in 3D printing, mechanical engineering, and microfluidics has demonstrated the first autonomous, untethered, entirely soft robot. This small, 3D-printed robot — nicknamed the octobot — could pave the way for a new generation of completely soft, autonomous machines. Soft robotics could […]

M o r e incredible discoveries such as

Science Has Officially Confirmed That People Can Absorb Energy From Others According to a research team located at Bielefeld University, they have discovered that plants are able to harness an alternative source of energy from others plants. Having that said, this could potentially lead us to some even newer, amazing […]

Way to send secure passwords through the human body

Sending a password or secret code over airborne radio waves like WiFi or Bluetooth means anyone can eavesdrop, making those transmissions vulnerable to hackers who can attempt to break the encrypted code. Now, University of Washington computer scientists and electrical engineers have devised a way to send secure passwords through […]

Mind-controlled wheelchair ……

Mind-controlled wheelchair …… US scientists have developed a machine that enables people to navigate a robotic wheelchair through their thoughts. “In some severely disabled people, even blinking is not possible,” said Miguel Nicolelis, a neuroscientist at Duke University. “For them, using a wheelchair or device controlled by non-invasive measures like […]

Know about your Kidney………

The kidneys are bean-shaped organs that serve several essential regulatory roles in vertebrates.its main function is to  remove excess organic molecules from the blood, and it is by this action that their best-known function is performed: the removal of waste products of metabolism. Kidneys are essential to the urinary system and also […]

Tears send signal to …….

Scientists, psychiatrists, and anthropologists have researched deeply  , here are some findings Babies average generally cry every day for 3 to 4 hours. Babies cry for many reasons, including hunger, discomfort, fatigue, discomfort, fear, pain, loneliness, and genuine peril. Any baby who cries for more than 3 hours a day […]

Emotions are deeply determined by lips……….

Some thing about lips …….. Lips are very sensitive to touch or tactile senses due to having numerous nerve ending. Primary reason for the lips and mouth of women being veiled in many cultures is that they have a representative association with vulva and also because their mouth and lips […]

Music stimulates different parts of the brain

Music  stimulates different parts of the brain which are responsible for physical and mental functions Music therapy works by stimulating parts of the brain that are needed for various mental and physical functions. Different musical styles, beats and rhythms can elicit different feelings or emotions. Music also has the power to distract […]

Our life and living depends on it ……..

   Love is always pure, love is not necessarily be painful, love is sweet and love is dreadful. True love has  always  strong emotional effect. Our life and living  depends on it . We realize  the poetry of the heart. Love is a  biological processes that cause specific reactions; we […]

Keep cell phone away from your baby , may affect brain development

Mothers, put down your smartphones when caring for your babies! That’s the message from researchers, who have found that fragmented and chaotic maternal care can disrupt proper brain development, which can lead to emotional disorders later in life. Mothers, put down your smartphones when caring for your babies! That’s the […]

Personal flying machine

Snowstorm — personal flying machine by NUS students. Credit: Image courtesy of National University of Singapore Engineering students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have successfully built Singapore’s first personal flying machine, dubbed Snowstorm. Comprising an intricate design of motors, propellers and inflated landing gear set within a hexagonal […]