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Fear is a negative motivational thoughts ,which can  create a negative, imagined scenario about the future. Fearful thoughts are designed to keep you safe and limited. They are not wisdom, and they are not truth. You get to choose what to follow.

  • Fear always includes physical sensations. Learn to recognize these, and receive them as they are with an open heart. Channel the energy of fear into excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Fear makes us think that something negative will happen, when the truth is that we don’t know what is going to happen. Become comfortable with not knowing so that fear doesn’t rule you.
  • Resisting fear strengthens it. The antidote is awareness – being willing to directly experience fear as it appears to you in the moment, recognizing the thoughts and physical sensations.

The goal is not to get rid of fear, as you don’t have the power to make this happen. But             you do have the power to change the way you relate to fear. Learn to receive it with                   curiosity and a loving heart, get to know how it spins thoughts that deflate the things you           are enthusiastic about. But don’t feel like something is wrong or you have failed if it                   continues to appear. Simply meet it lovingly every time.

  • A surge of fear tends to arise directly after a moment of truth. Say that an idea appears in your mind about something you’d love to do. Soon after, you might notice that your mind is filled with reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do it. Recognize that this is fear speaking.
  • Recognizing the presence of fear allows you to make conscious decisions. You have the clarity to see what fear is guiding you to do, and you can consider what you really want.
  • Fear is not the enemy. It can be the voice of reason, caution, and practicality that serves you well at times.
  • It takes energy to resist fear. Getting to know it and allowing it to be lets your body and mind relax, as the fight is over. This opens a space for creativity, wonder, awe, love, beauty, inspiration.

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