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Know about your eyes …..

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Eye is important  organ of our body which help t see the world . Following are the some important facts regarding eyes

  • Only 1/6 of the human eyeball is exposed.
  • An eye is composed of more than 2 million working parts.
  • To protect our eyes they are positioned in a hollowed eye socket, while eyebrows prevent sweat dripping into your eyes and eyelashes keep dirt out of your eyes.
  •  Size of eyeball  from birth to death is same ,while your nose and ears continue to grow.
  • Your eyes start to develop two weeks after you are conceived.
  • Eyes began to develop 550 million years ago. The simplest eyes were patches of photoreceptor protein in single-celled animals.
  • The entire length of all the eyelashes shed by a human in their life is over 98 feet with each eye lash having a life span of about 5 months.
  • Corneas are the only tissues that don’t have blood.( cornea is the transparent layer forming the front of the eye.)
  • The human eye weights approximately just under an ounce and is about an inch across.
  • An eye cannot be transplanted. More than 1 million nerve fibers connect each eye to the brain and currently we’re not able to reconstruct those connections.
  • 80% of our memories are determined by what we see.
  • Eyes heal quickly. With proper care, it takes only about 48 hours to repair a minor corneal scratch.
  • There are about more than 39 million people that are blind around the world.
  • A fingerprint has 40 unique characteristics, but an iris has 256, a reason retina scans are increasingly being used for security purposes.
  • 80% of vision problems worldwide are avoidable or even curable.
  • Humans and dogs are the only species known to seek visual cues from another individual’s eyes, and dogs only do this when interacting with humans.
  • People who are blind can see their dreams if they weren’t born blind.
  • 80% of what we learn is through our eyes.


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