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B e s t to use Angarkha, traditional touch

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Best way to use
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The term angarkha, also called Angrakha, refers to a traditional upper garment worn by men in the Indian Subcontinent which overlaps and is tied to the left or right shoulder. Now a day it is designing for women also. The Angrakha was a court outfit that a person could wrap around himself, offering flexible ease with the knots and ties appropriate for wearing in the various principalities of ancient India. It is worn particularly in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and in Pakistan much like the Achkan and Sherwani.

Now a day fashion has changed to a new style which is becoming a more popular in fashion wear of women’s

If you are interested in wearing different types of kurta, then there are too scope in using it. In Kurta pattern Angarkha pattern is the best pattern for women’s which may get some different look as compared to another look. In Angarkha pattern there is a heavy work performed on it. While designing the Angarkha, generally there is a mixture of two colors. Along with Angarkha Kurta, it is better to use plain Chudidar and plain Dupatta. Slight working on dupatta can be also a good look, but plane dupatta is the best option for this. In Angarkha pattern it is better to use sleeveless. Those who never use sleevless, it can also be a good look for women. One should keep in mind where to use sleeveless and sleeve clothes. In this type of pattern print,dabu,bag,batik,bandhej and Kota print are more famous in trend. According to fashion designer, the trend of dabu and bag prints are more popular because of its specific features

Keep your make up light

Angarkha type kurta can be used in functions like Marriage ceremony, music party, and mehndi ceremony. In this, there is too much demand in western style..While designing Kurta, there can be a mixture of traditional Angarkha and western type wear. While using this type of fashion where it is necessary to apply gel to your hair and better to make spikes to hair. After giving an indo-western look to hair which will be looking some differently. If your health is healthy it is better to use fittings Angarkha. Along with Chudidar use leggings. Don’t use excessive accessories in the form of ornament along with light makeup.

More designs are in market

In market various types of traditional designs are available along with indo western touch.This type of Angarkha fashion wear is more popular in youngersters..In the 70’s this type of fashion was more popular specially in bollywood fashion.After some time this type of fashion was repeated periodically.Again now this type of fashion is becoming more popular not only in India but also in Western countries.According to western style some type of fashion wear is different but basic of Angarkha is same.This type of trend of Angarkha is different and more attreactive because of western touch.Now a days this type of Top and Kurta are mostl using by youngersters.Now a days various types of mixture of colours along withmixture of designs are used by designers for making it more attractive and  getting better look.. In all ages this type of pattern is popular because of its  specific utility

Not for daily use

This type of pattern should not be continuous use. This type of pattern should be used once a week because of it getting a good visual look..Due to using this daily you may lose its differentness in visual look. For going to outing and office, this type is useful once a week. Angarkha pattern is generally a combination of various designs and color combination so every accessory is comfortably fit in it. Try proper footwear on Angarkha. Try to avoid various experiment on footwear on Angarkha




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