PRP for hair

Best way to stop hair loss

Every one uses various types of techniques for beautiful and healthy hairs. They take help from the traditional way to modern techniques. Nowadays PRP(platelet-rich plasma      ) os advanced technique which is useful for taking care of hair with the use of technique hair become shining and soft and it also helps to hair loss. Most of the women are facing the problem of hair loss due to the various types of problems such as overexpose in front of sunlight, dust, pollution, unbalanced  and irregular timing of diet. In addition to that, there are also reasons such as genetic problems, tension, stress , strain and improper care of hair , which are responsible for hair loss. There are many medicines and therapy available which help to reduce or stop hair loss. Now, most of the beauticians are giving preference to PRP because of its popularity. Not only in India but in foreign countries also, this method is popular. In PRP there is no surgical operation and it has no any side effects. The person who wants to take PRP treatment has to have to take blood for testing. On the basis of the testing report, regeneration of hair is done for treatment.

PRP treatment :

Before starting the treatment of PRP, general anaesthesia is applied on which treatment is to be done.

The PRP is released on the treatment part of the head were to regenerate hair. PRP is also released through the derma roll Cream is applied to the treatment part of head for the deafness, before doing derma roll.PRP treatment is somewhat long and it requires some sittings. In PRP is a process of injecting a needle and testing blood and is becomes troubleless due to deaf part of the treatment part. After this process, there is no spot arises and no need to take any medicine. Effect of PRP is generally retained for 18 months to 2 years. Due to this, it helps to reduce hair loss and regenerate new hair. This technique is easy and less expensive and due to this , this technique is more popular than a hair transplant. While using this technique, it is necessary to perform this, under the supervision of the expert practitioner. In PRP , there is no use of extra material is used with the exception of needle and PRP material and due to this, it has no bad effects. This process is inflectionless. In PRP number of WBC is more and It the main reason which helps from infection

Some side effect of PRP

  • mild pain at the injection site.
  • scalp tenderness.
  • swelling.
  • a headache.
  • itching.
  • temporary bleeding at the injection site.

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