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Check your donor and recipient

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Blood plays a very important role in our life. As it is not manufactured in the laboratory,so its importance is too much in human beings life. For this it is very necessary to have knowledge about blood. Following are some points which must be known to everyone.

  • There are four types of blood groups A, B, AB, and O
  • Rh-positive and Rh-negative are further subtypes
  • According to the presence or absence of  Rh antigen, the blood groups are further said to be Rh +ve and Rh – ve
  • There are total 8 types of blood groups commonly found Inhumans (A Rh +ve,A Rh- ve , B Rh + ve , B Rh – ve, AB Rh+ ve, AB Rh – ve,O Rh + ve ,O Rh – ve)
  • Blood groups are found due to antigen present on the RBCs and antibody present in the plasma

Blood donation

  • Blood cannot be manufactured artificially,it must be donated from a healthy person to the person who is in need

Blood transfusion: Blood transfusion is the process in which the person who is in need of blood is given transfused blood from a healthy donor

  • Blood bank: In blood bank, the blood from a healthy donor is extracted by a specific method with proper care and kept in sterile and refrigerated condition.
  • Blood doner: The person who gives the blood.
  • Recipient of the blood:The person to whom blood is has given
  • Universal donor: The person with the O blood group
  • Universal Recipient: The person with the AB blood group
  • Who is in need of blood : The person who has a blood loss such as victims of accidents,persons who have undergone surgery,patients of thalassemia and anaemia  or cancer,at the time of delivery
  • Blood group is decided according to the heredity/childbirth.As per the groups of mother and father, the blood group type is formed in children due to genes concerned with the type of blood group
  • The blood type of donor and recipient should be perfectly matched before the transfusion
  • Blood donation is considered as the best donation aas it can saves someone’s life
  • About 350 ml. of blood is taken at the time of donation
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers cannot donate the blood
  • Person in the age group of 18 to 60 can donate blood for 3-4 times a year
  • National Voluntary Blood donation day is observed on 1 st October every year

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