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For a small business, the best software

best accounting software
best accounting software
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What is CloudBooks?

CloudBooks is a user-friendly online invoicing app for freelancers and small companies. This web application offers invoicing, estimates, time tracking, client management, project management and more. CloudBooks’ main features are online invoicing, one-click time tracking, online payments, send estimates for approval, track and bill expense, and automated invoice reminders.

CloudBooks provides businesses with an effective invoicing tool designed to create efficient and timely billing. The CloudBooks’ Free Forever is a free tool for a single client. Businesses can take advantage of CloudBooks’ dedicated team, which can provide an integrated assistance and priority support to meet the needs of their business.

What Problems Will CloudBooks Solve?

1. Paperwork: Online invoicing software not only saves you money, time, and labor, but paperwork as well. All the data will be saved to the cloud and will be accessible to you from any place anytime. So, that means no more documentation and carrying large files around wherever you go.

2. Time-consuming process: One of the disadvantages of manual accounting is the amount of time you must put into it because you don’t have any system-based software. Manual accounting can be time consuming and frustrating. CloudBooks helps you to easily create invoices and saves lots of time.

3. Problem in managing customers’ data: One of the biggest problems that people often face is managing customer data which is crucial for businesses. With good invoicing software in place, however, you can store all that data in one place, and also archive it securely.

Overview of CloudBooks Benefits

A Smoother Payments Process: You can offer your clients different ways of making payments with secure online payment gateways. They can pay through credit cards, checks, PayPal, or cash, and you can get paid faster and on time. After receiving the payment, you can send a personalized automated thank you note.

You Can Monetize Every Billable Minute: You can bill every minute you spend working on a project. CloudBooks informs you where and how you are spending time on client projects and helps monetize this time.

It’s Easy To Monitor and Recoup Expenses: Track the expenses you incur while working on client projects, and invoice them to pass on the costs to the concerned client. CloudBooks enables you to track expenses in real time to ensure you don’t pass them on to the wrong client. It offers hassle-free expense tracking that allows you to add expenses to the concerned invoices quickly and accurately.

It Lets You Optimize Billing: Whether it’s a team of one or numerous teams with multiple members, CloudBooks helps you track time easily to ensure optimal invoicing. You can also track project progress to know the amount of time spent by a team on a particular project. Permission-based access enables you to restrict access to important financial information.

You Can Simplify Recurring Billing and Subscription: CloudBooks helps you schedule recurring invoices for regular clients and send them automatically every billing period. This improves the efficiency of your billing process and saves time. You can also enjoy the advantage of hassle-free subscription renewal and payment collection to optimally leverage your subscription earnings.

It Allows You To Manage Your Earning and Spending: CloudBooks offers detailed reports on payment collection, expenses incurred, and profit & loss to help you gauge your business earnings. You can also look through a range of standard business reports to get better control over company finances.

CloudBooks Features

Online invoicing,

Expense tracking,

Time tracking,

Recurring invoices,

Auto payment,

Accounting reports and taxes,

Track all invoices,

Online payment,

Turn estimates into invoices,

Know the status of estimates,

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all estimates,

Monitor your expenses,

Record expenses automatically,

Set up custom expense categories,

Efficiently manage multiple projects,

Simplify time tracking,

Monetize billable hours,

Aging invoice,

Expense reports,

Sales reports,

Stringent data security,


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