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Enjoying life is most important task in every one’s life, but living with enjoyment is really living a life .In most of our time , we never consider some points which are very necessary .Because what we do , what we react  is also one type of future activity in our life in the form of deposit ,Our activity is also a result of our doings or Karma

Followings are some points which should adopt or not to be adopt


  • Sleep well and get early in the morning
  • Do regular exercise , yoga and pranayam
  • Keep complete control over the food you eat
  • Prepare a chart of your days tasks in the morning itself
  • Daily loud your ambitions
  • Wear ,neat and tidy cloths
  • Have a smiling face and playful nature
  • Do one two activities every day which lead to your ambitions
  • Help people whenever it is possible
  • Read motivational books and other books of your choice
  • Walk as much as you can every day
  • Always let positive thought come into your mind


  • Waste your day in a lazy manner
  • Neglect cleanliness
  • Eat unhealthy , unhygienic food
  • Study at last minute, just before your examination
  • Develop a bad habits leading to addictions
  • Create fights amongst people
  • Feel happy when someone else is in trouble
  • Keep on grumbling
  • Hurt others what you can speak
  • Show false pride
  • Develop an inferiority complex
  • Think negatively

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