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Helpful tips for Students

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H e l p f u l    tips for Students

  • Be on your seat well before time .
  • Avoid chitchat before and during examination
  • Stop studying  at least one hour before examination
  • Be honest and give your best
  • Your duty is to solve the papers but not to judge the paper
  • Emotions should not be a part of your Examinations
  • Take the blessings from God and your parents
  • Time management is the soul of examination
  • Take care of your health
  • Make sure you carry all required belongings, check it before leaving ( specially I card )
  • Appear in school uniform only
  • Never write any types of unique remarks ( e.g. religious marks ,name ,phone no. and stars
  • Visit your center one day before examination
  • Don’t study late at night
  • Do not argue with invigilators ,try to be polite as long as possible
  • Maintain disipline during examination


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