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The micro glass trend is the most popular tend now which is becoming popular if you are going to purchase new goggles. Now there is a fashion of small-sized goggles. Due to this, there is more demand for this type of goggles. Smaller the size of the goggles more is the demand. In the summer season where there is hot weather, it is necessary to have protection from heat to the eyes. In the ’90s there was a fashionable trend of using goggles. Now, this type of trend is again becoming apopular.populazing.Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapur, Kangana Ranaut, Anushka Sharma are using such a type of small-sized goggles. These goggles are belonging to skinny goggles. In skinny sunglasses, purple, black, grey and red colours are more in demand for using goggles. In market, there is more demand for frames from hexagonal, cat-eye, flat oval type. Various types of frames can experiment so as to give a better look, but most of the people are giving preference to smaller sized sunglasses. In this, thereis too much demand for oval-shaped design from youngsters.

Types of Sunglasses

  • Butterfly. Large
  • Clubmaster. Master the classic look of club masters, also called browline sunglasses, known for their thicker frame on the top and thinner frame on the bottom. …
  • Rectangle. Think wide, rectangular lenses, some with angular corners, others with more rounded edges. …
  • Round.
  • Square

Types of lenses and Popular Lenses Include:

  • Aspheric. Conventional lenses have a front surface that is spherical, meaning it has the same curve across its entire surface. …
  • Bifocal & Trifocal. Bifocal lenses combine vision correction for near-sightedness and far-sightedness.
  • Hi-Index. …
  • Photochromic. …
  • Polarized. …
  • Polycarbonate. …
  • Progressive.

Important tips to keep in mind

  • In the summer season, grey color google is most suitable..If someone has an eyesight problem, better to use grey eye lenses
  • While purchasing any goggles, don’t purchase heavy frame goggles. Due to heavy frame, nose on which frame is adjusted may get injured
  • Try to purchase branded goggles because .for sensitive and delegate part it is very necessary to purchase branded
  • Intensive sunray affects to complete a portion of an eye i.e.ratina, lens, cornea, and other internal delegate parts. So it is necessary to purchase such lenses in which there is a capacity to absorb UVB and UV rays. These rays affect too much to the eyes

Selection of glasses

  • For getting best look to personality, dark tinted glass is the best option. For beach and beach party this type of glass is good. Benefits of tinted glasses are as follows
  • Enhances visual depth.
  • Reduces eye strain.
  • Provides good road visibility.
  • Comforting to the eyes.
  • Helps adjust contrast.
  • Geometric frames look very fancy. If you have to give a different look to your personality so as to get a good look, use of geometric frame glass is the best option.
  • There is a demand of oval-shaped frame as compared to the rectangular frame. This trend has returned again in fashion form.
  • Cat eye type is advanced type in sunglasses. In all season now cat eye type glasses have more demand in the market especially youngsters.
  • If you are very experimental about your look, then try to use the  goggles from the category of classic aviator frames




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