L e t t e r ” A ” with calligraphic style

How to draw a calligraphic letter ” A ” with calligraphic style
In the earlier tutorial we have seen how to make controlling on curves and strokes which plays very important role in calligraphy . For making a strokes very soft try to make a practice of previous lesson number of times . To day we are seeing font of “Beautiful Caps of letter “ . We are getting a font on computer very easily , but drawing a letter by hand falls a very good impression
 For a letter A ,
  • ·        Draw continuous curve from number 1 to 6 . Try to make a practice of  curve for number of times so as  get a soft strokes . For good result I a m expecting each curve for atleast  500 times .
  • ·        Draw curve number  7 as shown in image
  • ·        Draw curve 8 by taking a round

For basics of Calligraphy See video and previous tutorial 

Basics of Calligraphy

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