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More attractive look to jeans

polka jeans
polka jeans
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No any type of fashion retains for the longest time. In the field of fashion some types of changes which are taking place, some are becoming outdated. In fashion now day new type of trend which is becoming more popular is polka dots on jeans.

More attractive look to jeans: If you are bored by using the same type of jeans, then there is an option for polka dots. In one picture of Shahid Kapur, wife of Shahid Kapur, Meera Rajput was used such a type of Polka dot jeans. From what picture this type of polka jeans became more popular. Such a type of polka dot jeans came in for all types of ages.

Best way to match with Tops

With the proper top selected for your body polka dot jeans can get attractive look  In a market number of varieties are available for suitable looks in connection with polka dot jeans. One should have to use the fashion as per their body figure. So while selecting proper top for your body, select those top for the dot jeans which are comfortable for your body in terms of colour combinations. If you are not getting proper and suitable tops on your polka dot jeans, better to use various types of fabrics tops which are also so much attractive.

How to change your fashion.

Nowadays ladies are using polka dot jeans while working in the office. Collegians are using various a type of trend of using jeans three to four times a week. In such a situation they have included polka dot jeans in combinations with these jeans.

Attractive colour and polka dot jeans

In polka dot jeans various types of colours are available including black, navy blue and white.With such a type of combination of colours number of coloured tops are available. Because of the dot combination in jeans, these trendy jeans are becoming much popular among women and college girls.

History of Polk’s trend: Polka dot has the historical importance in terms of designs. First things first, the word “polka” itself derives from the Polish for “Polish woman” — in Czech, it translates to “little woman or girl.” Which makes sense, given the polka dots inherently feminine feel.

Polka dot came in popular trend when Miss America was shooted in Polka dot bikini; the first famous protagonist of the polka dot was, of course, Disney’s Minnie Mouse in 1928. Christian Dior used polka dots in his seminal New Look collection, in what Vogue reported was a “direct, unblushing plan to make women extravagantly, romantically, eyelash-batting female”. It worked, as the polka dot dress was Dior’s best-selling New Look piece in 1954. Hollywood royalty quickly fell for the print with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe forming its A-list fan base.

The pop culture references don’t stop there – who can forget Julia Roberts as Vivienne in 1990’s Pretty Woman, attending the races in a polka dot dress and matching hat? It may have been 27 years ago, but feels as relevant today as it did then. They remain a firm fixture in the red carpet and off-duty wardrobes of everyone from Emma Stone to Kate Middleton, who wore a white polka dot dress to this year’s Wimbledon. Channel their effortless elegance with our flattering A-line polka dot dress or update your favourite jeans and trousers with our statement ruffled sleeve polka dot top. We guarantee they’re wardrobe classics you’ll rely on for seasons to come.


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