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New trend for the party look

makeup kit
makeup kit
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In our day to day life fashion, whatever the type is playing a very iimportantrole in career making.S o for getting a good look here are some of ithe mportant guidelines for making makeup.

Keep your makeup kit ready to make up

For some type of celebration golden color makeup is becoming very popular and its demand is increasing day by day. Now a day golden color make up has some special importance for especially western parties. The craze of Golden color makeup is not only popular in youngsters but also in 40 + women also because of its color. In the reception of Deepika Padukone,s marriage, this type of makeup was attractive and of hot look. Due to such type of makeup done by actress Deepika, this type of trend of using Golden makeup is widely using in celebration parties.

The trend of silver and glitter

According to some makeup specialist, in some countries, makeup like a shimmer and glimmer base is widely using for getting a perfect look. Naturally, for this type of look, use of littering will be more as compared to other accessories of makeup. In addition to these, copper, bronze .steel metal yellow copper silver colors are going to be more demand in a new fashion trend.

The new trend of makeup during the ceremony

During the marriage ceremony of popular actress Deepika Padukone, in the first day, she was done brown smoky eye make up, which was very popular in the seventies, but again this type of fashion is again coming, which we have seen the ceremony of Deepika. In brown smoky makeup, she was used brown nude lipstick.

By using proper eye hair makeup, having use of red bindis, she was in the dress of golden colored saree. She was seeing a very beautiful, that is in so-called Sindhi bridal look. This type of makeup was is popular in the traditional marriage ceremony.

More emphasis on a diamond  sticker in makeup

The trend of fashion changes from time to time. Nowadays there may be a trend of loose colors and romantic updo hairstyles. In pace of straight hair, there can be more perfect in a curly hairstyle which will be a good look in hair fashion. There may be a fashion of short hairstyle instead of long hair. For getting a simple look in eye makeup, use of diamond sticker is widely used in fashion industries with the continuation of moke ponytail.

Use of Bold color

If you are thinking about oxblood,chocky brown, black, purple orange, and blue lip colors, you are on right track of the current fashion trend.T his type of color will help to give a bold look to you and your personality. But this type of using colors at the time of makeup, it is necessary to think about your figure. Very important to say that analysis of fashion which you have to do at your own level. By using the above colors, the gothic look will be better for this type of makeup. In this, there must be attention on lips which will be useful in getting a bold look and very bold personality. Use of shimmer is very useful. Better to make a proper mixture of a dramatic and natural look.

Spicy look to eyes

With the use of multicolor makeup, it is very necessary to keep neatness on eye makeup. Do your makeup with the matching of your dress. In the next days of fashion especially for eyes, for the shimmery eye, there may be the trend of glitter eye shadow as well as bold effects such as orange, fuschia, blue and peach color. In party celebration, there may be an increasing trend of smoky eye look

Fun makeup style

After seeing the face of someone, you can guess which type of personality is this. Such type of fashion which determines the nature of a person. This type of trend is again coming in fashion industries. Mood-based makeup is going to be more popular in industries If you are in a happy mood, then you will choose fun makeup, otherwise it will be sad makeup.


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