Resolutions that strengthen your relationship….

New year resolution  gives a powerful way to your relationship .Due to making resolution with partner you are some what attached with some promises and commitment which helps to strengthen your relationship . Following are some resolutions which are helpful to partner.

  • Stay healthy together 

There’s more than one way to get all hot and sweaty. This year make a resolution to exercise more and stay fit.

  •  Say no to petty fights

    It’s okay to argue and fight like the sky has fallen down, once in a while. But decide to stop bickering about small things.

  • Cook together 

    Cooking dinner together is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner.

  •  Less criticism , more compliments

    We are brilliant when it comes to criticizing and finding faults in our partners; aren’t we? Well, how about becoming a master in giving compliments

  •  More kisses and , more hugs 

    Decide never to leave the house without a kiss or a hug. It may be a small thing, but these everyday gestures go a long way.

  •  Break a bad habit together 

    He smokes a lot, you nag a lot; he spends too much on mobile phones, you spend too much on branded clothes; he gets jealous for no reason, you get suspicious on every reason… If you have a problem with each other’s habits, make a pact to get rid of them one by one.

  •  Romantic Dates 

    Remember those early days of a relationship when you simply couldn’t wait to surprise your lover with gifts and candle light dinners? Bring back your romantic side this year.

  • Strive for emotional honesty.

    Even the bluntest among us has avoided explaining feelings to a lover at one time or another. It’s hard to share with your partner (especially if you’re experiencing a thorny, irrational emotion like jealousy), but it’s important that you keep your mate in the loop so that he can act appropriately. Saying “I feel” instead of “you made me feel” will help you and your partner stay focused on resolving the negative emotions without it turning into a blamefest.

  • Heart to heart talk 

    A lot of relationships fall apart because of lack of communication. Learn to express your emotions. Whether it’s love, anger, your needs, your insecurities… don’t hesitate in talking about it.

  •  Make sexytime a priority.

    When we’re busy, sex can get lost in the shuffle, but it’s too good for your relationship, your health and your mood to skip. Make time to reconnect with your partner in the sack by scheduling a weekend “staycation.” If the sex has become lackluster, put some energy into figuring out how to make it exciting again. Try a new position, a new toy, or just a straight-up change of venue (kitchen, anyone?).

  • Stop multitasking with technology.When you’re spending time with your sweetie, banish buzzes, bleeps and chirps from your computer and phone. Don’t scroll through your texts while your partner is talking to you or message a friend while you’re supposed to be planning dinner. You may think you can do two things at once, but when you do, you’re sending your partner the message that they’re not worth your full attention. If you both have things you must do on your phone or computer, set a block of time aside to accomplish the tasks, and then move on with your evening (and don’t even think of counting your tech time together as a “date”).
  • Play together.One of the worst things about being an adult is the total lack of juice boxes, naptime and recess. (What’s up with that?) Thankfully, the dullness of the workday world doesn’t have to extend to your personal life. Infuse your partnership with a sense of play. Have pillow fights, talk in funny voices, and draw mustaches on the models in your ladymags. Do something creative together — take a guitar class, throw pottery, learn to roll sushi — whatever. Stepping outside of your routine can bring you and your partner closer, and it’ll ensure that things never get boring between you.

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