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Smaller things, bigger importance

smaller things bigger importance
smaller things bigger importance

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Small things, bigger importance
Remove unnecessary Emails:
A study by ICF international and McAfee reveals that storing 1 GB of emails consume32.1 kWh per year. According to Orange, French telecom service, if every single person in France deleted 50 emails, energy saving would be equivalent to turning the Eiffel tower’s light off for 42 years, or to NewYork city not consuming any electricity for 4 hours. Also, empty the junk food folders

Use Eco-friendly bags
Use jute/cloth grocery bags make your own cutlery bags to carry with you. Carry your own bottles and cup. According to eco-friendly concept says” if you are eating out at a roadside place and you take out your own cutlery, people around you might carry that back home as an example”
Don’t wash your clothes
Sustainable designer Stella McCartney is an anti-laundry advocate and recommends no dry clean or washing. While that’s a tall order you can handwash more as every time we machine wash, an average of nine million(plastics) are released into the environment. If you are going to use the machine use low-temperature setting, liquid detergent and don’t overload.
Use AC water
Put a bucket in your AC outlet and use the water for mopping or watering plants. In fact, rethink ROs as it wastewater. Do the same to your RO outlet
A cut of water
Instead of filling a full glass of water, drink in half measure. This is one of the measures to save water.


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