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Staring a second inning

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This is a story of lady ” Ankita  “, who now turned to 40 was busy in activity of child development and family management. For that she was resigned full time service for the betterment of family after marriage. After managing all things in her life she decided to start second inning for her career. Such a type of cases or related cases are more or less occur throughout the world. For that one must have to decide on Make over.

Every one faces such a type situation in their life. With the gap of 10 to 12 years , one must update at various level such as dresses, hairstyle and make-up. One may get confused about this, whether it will look better or not. After crossing 40, there may come some type of relaxation in time. Due to getting sufficient type of time, there may arise question about staring a second inning of career. For make over your career, it is not decided exactly on which it is concentrated. Many types of questions come in mind while thinking on make over, such as identification of fashion, how to make light make-up or dark make-up, selection of jewellery, proper hairstyle. These factors are very important for improving personality. At this age you have to face the competition of present generation. Try to think on make over on new lifestyle and personality which would definitely increase interest on makeover. In one of the fashion show, once one grandmother came on ramp wearing new types of modern wear such as palazzo and floral print chiffon dress, which was the became admiring subject for younger generation.

Important points to be consider while  thinking on makeover

  • While thinking on makeover , it is very necessary to make the self identification of  your personality. Wear only those dresses  , which are favorable to  body , age, figure , hairstyle . Don’t use unwanted fashion for improving your personality otherwise it may affect  negative impact on your personality. For makeover, one must consider pleasure , satisfaction  and enjoyment . In this age , try to understand yourself and stand in front of mirror which will get the answer of everything , that which type of fashion you want to do .
  • Try to change hairstyle, makeup and dresses slowly means day by day . Don’t change your fashion speedily . Change your makeover simultaneously.
  • If you are not doing any type of exercise , there may be chances of having expanded thigh . For that  better to use loose  dresses  which increases your attitude of personality . Exercising daily  can improve your makeover. After doing certain type of makeover, bring your face in front of eyes .Due to this one may get idea about your makeover . Now a day number of mobile apps are available related with beauty and makeover. Depending  on your budget  there is a option of using  makeover or beauty saloon
  • Don’t purchase all the fashionable dresses .In most of mall’s there is a trial room . Try to wear these dresses in trial rooms . For this , take a help of your friend who can you clear idea about your look.
  • In the trend of fashion  there is a trend of A minimalist approach which is a concept . This concept is based on beauty through simple fashion. less fashion is practicing , more is the attractive personality .

 Types of Palazzo pants

          1. Straight cut or the regular palazzo pant.

          2. Pleated palazzo.

          3. Trouser style palazzo

          4. Flared palazzo

          5. Layered palazzo

          6. Slit palazzo

          7. Palazzo suit

On straight bottom jeans, there is the best option for simple shirt and hills

There are more stylish options for leggings.

Followings are some types of it. Decide which one will be better Different Types of Bottom wear To Wear with Kurtis

          1. Fully comfortable leggings

          2. Look extra attractive in chudidar

          3. Jazz up look with Jeggings

          4. Summer favorite Patiala Pants

          5. Elegant & Feminine Long Skirts

          6. Dynamic Dhoti Salwar

         7. Glorious look in ethnic Aladdin salwar

         8. Evergreen Jeans & Capri

         9. Cigarette pants for retro gals

         10. Wide-leg pants for tall beauties

         11. Rock the look in Palazzo

Leggings wearing may be the one option for makeover Leggings are a wardrobe staple. They make for a retro, sporty, chic, hot, sexy, refined, bold, rustic and feminine look as well as a high fashion statement. The garment is worn by people of all ages.

Leggings belong to comfort line of clothing and are defined as tights with no feet. They are form fitting

lower garments that can be worn as an inner as well as an outer wear. Types of leggings: Leggings are many. They are available in ankle, capri as well as mid-calf length.

Ankle-Length Leggings  Ankle length leggings reach up to the ankles. They are versatile and quite popular. When worn during winters, they provide full coverage and warmth. They can be aptly paired with dresses, tunics, tees, tanks, shirt-dresses, etc.

Mid-Calf Length Leggings  These are casual, chic and sexy. They are quite popular among people. The coverage the leggings offer the legs, makes for a smart and overtly chic fashion statement. People with good height may wear them but not the shorter ones.

• Stirrup leggings: Stirrups make for a cool and casual wear. They feature straps that go under the foot. • Footed leggings: Footed leggings are similar to tights. They make for a perfect winter wear.

Jeggings:  Jeggings are leggings that are quite similar to jeans in look. Leggings are versatile and can be worn at the dressiest parties to the most casual outings. Hope this brief knowledge about various types of leggings was helpful.

Combination of cotton formal, loose top and scarf of floral print is also the best option for make overSkirt with kurta is also stylish type which are available Different types of kurtas are given which may be the best option for your makeover • If you have no habit of wearing jeans and top , better to start with kurta and jeans

If you are a habit of using chudidar, try to change the style of it slowly day by day • Instead of three forth sleeves, try for sleeveless or full sleeves as per your figure • Try for long kurta including hills, Patiala or semi patiala . Think on for using different neck designs. Use different types of blouse

• Colours plays a very important role in your personality improvement. If you are using special types of colour, do various types of experiment for colour selection so as to get better look




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