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For the communicating media use of smart phone has spread very vastly in society .For every thing new generation is using smart phone for searching, but due to use of excessive use of it goes to harmfulness of career of young people. In the modern age it is not possible to stop smart phone in day to day life, but we can give a limit to it. For these types of harmful effects on human body, there must be some type of awareness in society.

Before some years use of internet was limited up to cybercafe, office .But due to use of smartphone,iPads, tablet, smart t v, internet is available at any place, at any time. Due to continuous use of internet on mobile,physical and mental illness are speedily spreading According research done in Mumbai IIT in India it is observed that there are more chances of having brain cancer, which affects mostly to youngsters. According to research it is observed that use of mobile for talking for more than 30 minutes daily, it leads to increases the deafness as well as eyesight irregularity. Such types of disease occur generally in the age of 30 – 35 years of people having the increasing chances of Alzheimer and Parkinson Due to use of smartphone,radiations and magnetic waves emitted through mobile have increases about 400 times which leads to have chances of increasing cancer. Effect of radiations which are harmful to body affects children very vastly not only on skin also on brain. It also affects to virility of person, in which there less production of sperms. Some type of harmful effects are also falling on living things and plant due to

emits of radiation through mobile tower. Person who is carrying his or her mobile , tablet or computer on their legs in sitting position, there is fewer chances of sperm formation in their body due to which, there is nervousness in their relationship. In India most of the divorce cases are found in IT sector where they are doing their job in office, in which they are continuous shower of harmful radiations
Bad effects of mobile

Due to excessive use of mobile it affects very badly to fertility power of male, as a result there is a decrease in sperm production. Specially it also affects to small children. Skull of small children is thin in layer. Excessive use of mobile leads to more radiations which directly affects to skull. According latest research it is observed that radiations released through mobile affects to plants also. If you use earphone with mobile for more than 40 minutes,there may be an invitation to

deafness children

who try to use mobile for enjoying games and internet surfing for long time leads to high blood pressure and fatness. If you are enjoying sleep by keeping your mobile side to your head, it is very dangerous for your health. It may increase your habitual sleeplessness. Due to this they are suffering from various types of mental and physical diseases’ addiction, relaxedness, insouciance, obesity,loneliness. Due to use of excessive use of mobile eyes are badly affected due to emerging of magnetic waves. Disease  like a cataract is occurring in young ages Excessive use of gaming on computer or mobile, leads to fear of Alzheimer

For reducing the radiations released through mobile following points are necessary to be consider
• Try to talk on mobile whenever it is necessary.
• Keep your mobile away from children
• Try to use landline instead of mobile
Avoid to talk in between shoulder and ear
Some times due to not having a proper range person cannot talk properly on phone. In such a situation your mobile need to require more strong radiations which may affect very badly to your ear.While talking donpressurizes your mobile set on your ear.
• Better to use speaker facility
• Try to use headphones or

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