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There  are many things which happens in every one’s life for which they give credit to some one . For that we credit  to them by  word. This is not enough . If you express yourself by saying a quality of words , affects too much . 

There are so many different things in life that people are proud of. They are proud of their graduation from different levels of education. They are proud of their marriages and the births of their children. They are proud about getting new jobs or moving to a location where they’ve always wanted to live. Whenever someone we know experiences one of those moments of pride, it’s up to us to tell them “congratulations”. What you may not realize is that there are actually lots of ways that we can say congratulations to people on these different occasions.

 Following are the ways of congratulating to some one .

  •  Give them a pat on the back. This is the most traditional way to give your congrats to someone but it’s still one of the best. Give them a hug and a pat on the back. Say “congratulations”. This is practically a universal way of letting them know that you’re happy for them.
  •  Send a congratulations card. There are greeting cards available for every occasion and that includes all of the occasions that there are to give someone congratulations. You can find a car relevant to the event (such as a graduation card) or use a general congratulations card to let someone know that you’re proud for them.
  •  Send flowers. A lot of people really enjoy receiving flowers. You can send them for any occasion but it’s so much better to get them as a congratulations gift than to get them for some of the other reasons (such as “get well”) that people send flowers.
  •  Write a letter about their accomplishments. A really personal way to express your congratulations is to write a letter describing why you’re proud of the person’s accomplishments. A letter about why someone is going to make a great spouse is a good gift for a wedding congratulations and a letter about someone’s great job skills is suitable when someone gets a new job.
  •  Buy them a round. If you’re taking everyone out to celebrate something then share your congratulations about the occasion by buying a round of drinks for everyone at the table.
  • Give a celebratory toast. You may not be able to afford a round of drinks for everyone but you can certainly raise up your own glass and offer a toast. Let the whole room know why you’re giving your congratulations to someone else.
  •  Give them a congratulations gift. There are a lot of gifts out there that are specifically designed to offer congratulations for different occasions. There’s nothing wrong with getting a gift that already says what you want to say. Balloons, teddy bears, picture frames and personalized office supplies are all examples of these gifts.
  • Give them money or a gift card. If the person that you want to congratulate is a family member then it’s often appropriate to congratulate them with a bit of cash.
  •  Take them shopping for something they need now. If you don’t like the idea of giving money then make a day of it and take them shopping. Someone who just got a new job may need a new tie; someone with a new baby needs diapers.
  • Bake something for them. The way to many people’s hearts is through their stomachs. Bake a treat for someone and send it over to them as a congratulations present.
  • Write a poem or song. Celebrate your own creative energy while offering congratulations to someone else. People often love receiving this kind of congratulations because it’s so unique from what you usually get.
  • Create a scrapbook for them. Another creative thing that you can do to celebrate someone’s proud accomplishments is to get it down in pictures. Create a scrapbook that highlights all of the important moments leading up to the reason that you’re congratulating someone. For example, a scrapbook of great high school memories is a good gift to congratulate someone who is about to graduate from high school.
  •  Make a home video. Yet another creative option is to make a home video that shows off the accomplishments that are being celebrate. Get as many friends and family members (or co-workers) to speak on the video as possible and then give it to the recipient with your congratulations.
  •  See if you can help each other out. Sometimes the best way to congratulate someone is to see if there’s something they can do for you. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But it’s not. A good example is when someone starts a new job. You can say your congratulations by becoming one of their first clients. Everyone wins!
  •  Offer your advice. Another thing that we can do is to offer advice about our own experiences. For example, we can give a high school graduate tips about college or we can offer marriage suggestions to a newly married couple. Of course, we should go poking around too much in other people’s business but if we do this appropriately it can be a great way of offering our congratulations. It’s almost like initiating someone into a life experience that you’ve already had.
  •  Spread the word. One thing that we don’t do enough is to tell others how proud we are of someone. Spread the word about the reason that you’re interested in giving congratulations to someone and that’s a gift in and of itself.
  • Donate to a charity. You can make a donation to a charity in someone else’s name. Let them know that you did this as a way to congratulate them. The charity should be relevant to the celebration. For example, you may donate to a school program to celebrate someone who has just graduated from college.
  •  Simply say congratulations. Some occasions don’t call for a big to-do. Simply saying “congratulations” is acceptable at these times. If you want to get fancy then you can learn to say congratulations in another language.
  • Emails and text messages. In some cases, it’s even appropriate to send our congratulations through email, text message or social networking sites. Use your common sense to determine if this is a smart thing to do or not.
  •  Be there to help with the change. Any cause for congratulations usually means that change is afoot – school is ending or a marriage is beginning, for example. You may not have to say anything at all but rather can express your congratulations by being there to help with the change as it happens

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