If some ones want to have Indo-western look

Due to change in every moment of fashion different types of alternatives regarding their day to day use of wears are available Trend of use of fringes or fringes is becoming more popular in women’s life. For getting a better look, every one has a desiration of exposing their body in a stylish way, one of the solution on it is the use of fringes

If you are to use some another type of fashion, the best way is use fringes or apply fringes. Now a day trend of using fringes is much more popular Actually trend of using fringes is not new. Around 70s this trend of fringes was popular in Bohemian. At that time, fringes was applied to only jackets but this time it is applied to skirt, dresses, scarf and sweater. Trend of using fringes is not only limited to cloths but also to purses, footwear and other related accessories. Young generation gives first preferences to trendy look that’s why they prefer to use fringes. Fringes gives more attractive, romantic and fresh look. This trend of using fringes is becoming popular among the different ages of women.

Following are some types and combination of fringes which are used by most of the women

  •  Fringes purse and bags 

Fringe purse looks good on simple jeans and top. Attractiveness of your body along with cloths increases due to fringe purse. Long fringe purse and short sharp purses are available in market as well as online. Single and double fringes purses are also available in market. Along with fringe purse and fringe bags are also available in market which adds some different style in your lifestyle.

fringe purse
fringe purse


  • Sandals and shoes : Use of sandals in the fashion of women gets a some attractive look. Combination of simple jeans and dungarees over sandals fringes help to get up personality of fashion lover. Various types of fringes sandals are available throughout the market throughout the world. As per their individual choice one can use their combination. Fringes  get  good look jumpsuit. Use of proper fringe on various combination will definitely hep you to get more fashionable in a very simple as well as romantic way of living life.


  • Fringe sweater : In winter some times one may get board in wearing same times of cloths. If you are interested in using various types of sweater and woolen wears, then there is a perfect solution of wearing fringe sweater, jackets and scarf which help you to more attractive. Now there is a trend of fringe sweater and skirt. Use of fringe skirt looks very stylish, adds more effective looks on simple sweater. For getting a very smart look to women on simple jeans and top, fringe jackets is the best wearing option on it.
  • Skirt : As you are searching some type of uniqueness in your day to day fashion, use of fringe on skirt or fringe skirt gets smarty look. On fringe skirt simple top looks attractive. Use of fringe one piece also adds completeness in your fashionable style. Enjoying plane jeans and fringe tops also help to make your style more stylish.


One must try this 1) : Try to do light make up 2) If some ones want to have Indo-western look, use the fringe purse on it 3) : Use fringe jacket on plane jeans 4) : Try only one accessory

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