Home Fashion It is the representative of polite and a very formal clothing.

It is the representative of polite and a very formal clothing.

traditional and modern kimono

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Most of people other than Japanese are completely unaware about Japanese language , but youngsters in the present age , they know about ikebana ,Origami and Kimonos . In general, people of Japan are too much attached with advanced technology , love for nature , art and beautiful. Natures love is his closest standing attitude lasting its impression in their costumes. Dark color combination , big size flower , leaves birds and scene sceneries are included in designs which are made for kimonos , is becoming very popular among the youngsters .
Meaning of Kimonos is thing to wear It is a Japanese traditional garment. The kimono is always used in important festival or formal moments, it is the representative of polite and a very formal clothing.Kimono has T-shaped, straight-lined robes worn so that the hem falls to the ankle, with attached collars and long, wide sleeves. Kimono are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right. Today, kimono are most often worn by women and on special occasions. Traditionally, unmarried women wore a style of kimono . Uniform of Judo Karate is also inspired from Kimono .Now a day traditional Kimono is again reappearing in fashion world in modern style . In the modern style also, traditional pattern and frame of Kimono designs finds somewhere in the today’s costume
Now a day antifit Kimono which is comfortably adjustable to every one , becoming a popular . Impact of Kimonos is still lasting on the manufacturing of jackets, shrugs,capes,lehanga , suits, tubetops on shirts, floral piece one piece,off shoulder gown even in night gown
Kimono Shrugs : Kimono shrugs plays very important role in giving a bold look to ladies. Combination of floral print of blue , black and neon color on crop top and leggings is becoming a very popular through the world , giving a good look to user. For a casual look for stripes and fringes ,this type of costume is getting a wide popularity

Kimono jackets : Use of Kimono jackets on long bottom jeans or plazo and Kurti creats a attractive confidential look in society . Wearing of short jeans and short tops by girls becomes sometimes boar in their lifestyle . For such types boar lifestyles , Denim Kimono Jacket becomes more attractive . Attractiveness increases when multi color jacket is used in combination of black and white costumes . Traditional Kimono jacket is also become more attractive on bold tight short one piece which balance the personality
Kimono Jackets :
In most of corporate culture lifestyle , Kimono suits and cardigans because of its mat finishing became popular . Heavy selling is also on on line shopping .



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