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Now there is a trend of oversized earrings Which is becoming too much popular in the fashion world. Chandbali earring is one of the good patterns of earrings. In recent year, there is great demand from women’s side of Chandballi earring.

Mainly identity from Bollywood: In the market, there is the most spreading trend of fashion is the oversized Chandballi trend of the earring. In most of the parties, Bollywood actresses use such a type of earring. In marriage ceremony of Bollywood actresses, Deepika Padukone, she was setting the trend of oversizes earring. This type of using oversized earring was too much popular This type of earring can be carry on simple wearing also, which help to get a stylish look

Combination of bold and glamours

Along with the glamorous personality of using this ring, it is possible to get a bold look. This type of earrings can be carried on traditional as well as western dresses. On traditional dress one can try pearl and stones earring Trendy earrings gives a smarty and finishing look on a simple dress. In any party celebration or marriage celebration, mostly on traditional dress, there is a trend of using heavy or oversized earring, can get a good look.

complete look,Complete personality

Most of lady/teenagers or every is always aware about her look.They can realized what is good or bad for them as per their way of thinking.This fact is not only related with womens,every is always morely or lessly about her or his look,For getting complete look to the personality , oversize earring along with any type of smart or simple dress ,plays very important rule.


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