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Every one has a habit of having a different number of cloths in their wardrobe. In spite of having different colored cloths, most of fashion follower or fashion lover always keep one black and white dress in their wardrobe. Combination of black and white dress is nothing but the monochrome which has a special importance in their personal fashion.

Those who have a sense of fashion, they always use black and white shaded dresses became Go to Shade for them. Use of monochrome is becoming a very popular on international run way. Most of Hollywood actresses use such a type of monochrome pattern on red carpet.

Black and white combination leads to monochrome trend which is evergreen for every one, which is not limited to younger. Wearing of black and white dresses may be different for person to person and country to country. Use of black and white dresses in party or in other programmers is very attractive and shows some type of smartness in their behavior as well as their look as well. You can wear this type of monochrome combination everywhere and any time. In colleges also such a type of combination can use. Monochrome combination is also useful for wearing in office or whenever or where ever you are going for hang out with friends, is attractive combination

According to designer, dresses in monochromatic way is royal look in their life. As per your way of thinking, you can design in your own way or can wear as per your choice. Attractiveness of dress by using various types of designs increases with the modern and advance techniques, which must be used by every one. Most of fashion lovers are using such a type of pattern in their personal life and office life including Bollywood actresses

If you want to go party or any celebration after performing your duty in office, you need not worry about the dresses of you choice, . Try to use black and white combination, become monochromatic, may feel good look. If you are wearing a sleeveless dress, which you are trying to use, use shrug or jackets on it. Because of this combination you would get royal and attractive look which may affect to your personality.

. If you are not suitable in pairing dresses try to use layering as per your choice and your suitability. If you are too much confuse about your dresses, better to use jacket, Kimono, or coat layering. For this type of layering, use coat of square type designs, flower design, simple jackets or black and white shrug

Black backless dress looks attractive as well as classy looks. Using simple red lipsticks on this dress may get a very romantic as well as glamorous look. On this, use simple choker necklace of white color, enclave clutch for hair and simple make up can get attractive look, which may for form stylish statement for any one

If you are having your short thighs, even though you can give a very attractive look with such a type of combination. As per your thighs choose proper combination for your look. For that try to use black top and bottom and printed black and white shirt, Other options with plane trouser or skirt is also useful along with the options of legging

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