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It’s a real meaning of living life

swami chinmayanand
swami chinmayanand
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If you want to enjoy your life without any problem, follow the following quotes or thinking which are given by great Guru Swami Chinmayanand

  • Any attempt of the mind to rise from the low values of its present existence to a healthier and diviner scheme of living is Yoga.     
  • Nothing can remain the same even for a short period in the world of objects. Continuous change alone is the changeless law.
  • You can stop worrying by refusing to worry. Surrender all your worries at his feet.
  • Never complain, about the number of hours you have put in, to do a job.
  • Your nobility must estimate how much of you was put into each of your daily work.
  • Till final illumination in pure wisdom is achieved, a strict policing of the mind is necessary, lest we slip back into our false identifications with the body, mind and intellect.
  • For the man who relies on wealth, of what avail is God’s aid? For the devotee of God, of what use is the worldly wealth.
  • Today belongs to us. Yesterday was. Tomorrow will be. Every day was bursting out with opportunities for us to do and to serve, to act and to express, to love and to live.
  • Every good thought sent out rebounds with a hundred times its force on the sender himself; so too bad thoughts. Let us, therefore, avoid sending out even a single bad thought.
  • All ancient Hindu Vedic gods are but functional names of the One Supreme Power, manifesting in myriad forms.
  • To weep is folly and to smile is wisdom – KEEP SMILING. Do the Best and leave the Rest.
  • Man is never punished FOR his sins but BY his sins. To dissipate our energies through the sense organs is the vulgar hobby of the thoughtless mortal.
  • Revolution comes from the bottom to the top; evolution proceeds from the top and seeps down to the lowest level.
  • When I slip outside, I fall. When I slip inside I rise.
  • A quiet mind produces a more brilliant intellect. The quitter the mind is sharper the intellect.
  • The mind can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell.
  • The suffering of each depends, not upon the factual happenings, but upon the texture of each one’s mind. A strong man is one who faces facts. He is weak who wants to escape from them.
  • Love is the heart of religions, the theme of all classical works of art and literature, the song of all devotees. Scientists know only what love does not what love is.
  • Never brood over things which have happened or worry over things yet to happen. Live in the present.
  • Elimination of the wicked and the protection of the Good is the very creed of every true Hindu. Whether it be the priest of God or Government.
  • Happiness depends on what you can give, Not on what you can get.
  • If money does not give happiness, Give it back. 
  • Learn to be happy alone. If we do not enjoy our own company, why inflict it on others.
  • One may change one’s dress easily, but who can change his heart with the same ease.
  • You can cheat others, but never your conscience, your God.
  • Love for one’s equal is called friendship.
  • The future is carved out of the present moment. Tomorrow’s harvest depends upon today’s ploughing and sowing.
  • Whatever leads man to God is acceptable; whatever stands in the way of realising God, should be rejected totally and unceremoniously.
  • Great achievements are earned not through proficiency alone, but achievements are rewards of efficiency.
  • Learn to speak softly, always words of love and affection, then friends multiply. Be like a flower— Give happiness and fragrance to all.
  • Sandalwood perfumes even the axe that hews it down! The more we rub sandalwood against a stone, the more its fragrance spreads. Burn it, and it wafts it to glory in the entire neighbourhood. Such is the enchanting beauty of forgiveness in life.
  • Forgiveness is the fragrance, which crushed Tulsi leaves on the fingers that crushed them, in a thoughtless act!!

Pictures are used from various websites; thanks. https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/swami-chinmayananda-quotations


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