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This type of person who writes this is very closer to the mother side  

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These type of persons are impulsive. They show the behavior in which suddenly decision without thinking about the decision. Due to this type of traits in a person, they do not plan properly. They do not think seriously. They are generally suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. (ADHD). Some kids with ADHD act and speak without thinking because their brains work differently than those of kids who don’t have it. The part of the brain that controls impulses develops more slowly than usual.

ADHD, the behavior is spurred by the child’s inability to keep still or control inappropriate behavior. It is this lack of control, combined with a constantly shifting focus of interest, that spurs impulsivity.

What Clinical Graphology says, this type of behavior can be controlled by taking proper steps of changing handwriting which help to change their positive traits.

This matter is written on lines indicates that this person wants to stay within the rules and regulation. This type of person who writes this is very closer to the mother side

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