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This type of person having a name Naren xxxxxxxx living in Bihar of India . Name and other information is not given here so as to respect their privacy. Friend, according to your handwriting given in sample shows the following traits

  • You are the analytical thinker.
  • Your personality always believes in investigating complex issues, make decisions and develop solutions
  • Critical thinker: Critical thinkers are capable of identifying all aspects of a problem and understanding why a problem exists. They will take the time to fully understand a problem in order to develop a workable solution.
  • More interest in data and information analysis: Data and information analysis is one of the primary parts of analytical thinking. Once a problem is identified, it’s important to know how to review and analyze the data or information that will be essential to solving the problem.
  • Researching mind
  • You have somewhat lying habit
  • Secretive nature: your personality never open their inner thoughts in front of other
  • You show an unwillingness to go out of track. But due to fluctuating confidence level, they always go out of track.
  • Expect pays for favours
  • Attains the good level of intelligence
  • You have a quality of nature  approaching towards the nearby value
  • You have an ability to share or giving something that has the importance for you.

Donate not only things that are unimportant to you, but also donate something that you can really learn to detach from. That may be your time, your knowledge, helping hand,items and money

  • Talkative personality, Effectiveness while doing work,
  • Very difficult to keep with the rules and regulation

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