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The Best way to reduce blood pressure and weight: forest therapy

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Nowadays most of people have different types of ambitions. They have to make their work in a limited period of time. For achieving their goals they have to take too many efforts due to very high competition. For achieving their goal in their life in a limited period of time some times there is a possibility of having stress on their mind. For having a stressful life, one is necessary to go for an outing. Selection of going to outing such as forest outing is one of the best ways of reducing stress on their mind. For reducing stress, forest therapy is one of the alternatives which is a somewhat different way of enjoying the forest.

In the forest, we get fresh air in the form of pure oxygen. For good health and a good mind, forest therapy is beneficial for all. It is very useful for good health. Due to forest outing, the genetic structure of the body gets active, which helps to get a healthy life. According to medical science, if you spend your time with the forest you can enjoy a healthy life. It also helps you to maintain a fresh mood. Forgetting a fit we always perform various types of exercise. If you perform various types of exercises in the presences of nature, you can be free from worry and stress

Popular in Japan: This type of therapy of improving health is very popular in Japan. This type of tourism is also becoming popular. Due to forest. Due to forest tourism is to attract people towards nature and to get information. Its main aim is to attract people for getting information about things which are natural and original. Different spots in forest, animals, their sound, the flowing river gives us some different types of happiness which is very useful for getting relief from stress and our day to day tension.

Free from tension: Now a day everyone says that I have tension from old aged people to teenagers. Due to forest therapy, your brain gets free from stress and tension. Stress and tension both are related to each other In the forest, there is a huge amount of fresh air which is very useful for getting freeness from stress

Uses of fresh air in forest

For digestive system: Fresh air is good for your digestive system. Fresh air increases the flow of oxygen helping you digest food more effectively so this will particularly help if you are trying to lose weight.

For blood pressure: Fresh air helps improve blood pressure and heart rate. Avoid polluted environments particularly if you need to improve your blood pressure. Stay away from the busy traffic as the body will need to work harder to get the amount of oxygen it needs over polluted car fumes.

Happiness: Fresh air makes you happier. The more fresh air you get, the more oxygen you will breathe which will increase the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale, consequently making you happier.

Lungs cleaner: Fresh air cleans your lungs. You release airborne toxins from your body when exhaling through your lungs.

Energy: Fresh air gives you more energy and a sharper mind. You may have noticed after spending time outside, you come back indoors feeling brighter and perhaps ready to get back to work. More oxygen results in greater brain functioning, improving your concentration skills, and providing you with more energy.

In addition, venturing outside will also help you produce vitamin D from the sun (when it does come out), which is essential for many bodily functions including supporting our immune system, strengthening our bones, teeth, and much more.

Burning Calories: Due to forest tourism, and due to walking in the forest your calories get burn and it helps to reduce weight.If someone want to reduce your weight, you must have to take forest therapy;

To whom it is most beneficial

1) A person who is suffering from ADHD this therapy is most powerful

2)Due to inhalation and exhalation in greenery, it helps to reduce the percentage of glucose in the body which is very useful to Diabetic patients.

3) A person who is suffering from over fatness, this therapy is the most effective technique of reducing weight like tracking

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