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Social media side effect: FOMO

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More complaints due to social media

Generally it is observed that due to the use of more social more stress and strain which comes on users minds. This situation helps to increase tension, worries, insecurity and aloneness. Lack of confidence occurs in them. This type of situation in life increases. They feel that some type of lack ness in secureness.

Unwanted attention towards other

Due to having more on social media, mental diseases such as compulsive desire is spreading speedily. It has also another name which is called fear of missing out (FOMO) is described as a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent. This social anxiety is characterized by a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing

Comparative nature

In this, people always feel about their unsuccessful progress about himself. They compare the other persons regarding the progressive nature. People suffering from this disease always see the other’s social accounts. Which type of post is being posted by someone. This type of behavior of seeing others’ profiles on social media is one of the traits found in such a patient. Due to this they are so much busy on social media. This is a very dangerous trait that becomes habitual. It affects very badly to their health. Such a type of people always take interest in others personal life.

Entering in others life

Entering their mind in other life is one the dangerous trait which may fall serious effect on their physical and mental level. If such type of information about the others life does not get, they feel uneasy. Such a type of anxiety about information about other’s life is responsible for more engagement on social media.

Loose personal identification

Comparison with other people is one of the most important aspects of fear of missing out(FOMO). Due to this they feel some type of lacuna in their mind. Of someone has a car, bungalow, then I have no such a facility.Such a type of mentality that arises in a person who is suffering from FOMO. In such a mental situation he is in search of something which is related to their need for social media. In addition to that he makes a friendship with such a person or things that get satisfies by their mental situation. Due to this they get some negative enjoyment. In this way, they give birth to mental stress and strain which directly affect their mental, social, and physical health. Their lack ness goes in such a lower level that they forget the positiveness in their thinking. In such a case they feel that life has no meaning

Mental situation

A person who is suffering from such a situation feel smaller complaints or problem as a big problem. Due to more engagement with more social media, there is some type of negative impact on their personal life and relationship. They give their irritable comments on each and every message. What’s more to say that there is much distancing come among their relatives and friends. Besides this, mental tension arises.

Fear of existence

FOMO people have a fear of destroying their existence. In such a situation their mentality shows some type of understanding that others will get boycott their relationship. Such a type of mentality has no relation to reality.

Remedy on it

In a medical language FOMO is not a mental disease but it is a mental illness. It can be cured with some medical treatment and proper counseling. With the proper counseling it can be controlled slowly. In this psychiatric plays a very important role in curing this mental illness

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