Home HEALTHY TIPS Affects negatively on the growth of the child in the womb.

Affects negatively on the growth of the child in the womb.

harmful effect of plastics
harmful effect of plastics
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It is very difficult to stop use of plastics in our day to day life.Use of plastics affects very harmful effects on our body..Due to this there are too nuch gateway  of various disesases in our body .

Due to this we have to face different types of problems related with various disesases.

Followings are the harmful effects of plastics.

  • Harmful estrogen chemicals : When plastic becomes hot there is a leakage of estrogen chemicalsWhen we take any hot food or hot drink ,there is a dissolution of estrogen chemicals which directly enter through food in to the body.
  • Affects very badly to pregnancy : Estrogen in plastic affects very badly to pregnancy of women.Biophomil A(BPA) which is a one type of chemical which acts as a catalyst for testosterone and adrenaline hormones It affects negatively on the growth of child in womb..
  • It affects to I.Q. : Due to these type of harmones in body ,I.Q. of newlyl born child may be affected.
  • Neurological system: Estrogen also affect to mechanisms and impact of estradiol action on the developing brain. Estrogen is one major hormone that can impact memory before or during menopause. … This can cause occasional lapses in brain function, resulting in short-term memory issues.
  • Breast cancer : Due to higher level of estrogen, there is chances of higher risk of breast cancer .therefore estrogen level in body and breast cancer both are related with each other up to some level.
  • Digestive system : Side effects associated with use of Estradiol, include the following:
    1. Abdominal cramping.
    2.  Anxiecity
    3.  Bloating
    4. Breakthrough bleeding.
    5. Breast enlargement.
    6. Breast tenderness/pain/swelling.
    7. Freckles or darkening of facial skin (melasma)
    8. Changes in menstrual periods.
  • Affects mental ability : During pregnancy ,If women take food through plastic pot, there may be a bad effect on mental ability of newly born baby. Due the presence of constituent like Polybrominated diphenyl in plastic hydrogen chloride nitrate gas is formed.This gas increases the many times chances of breast cancer in womens.
  • Respiratory system :In plastic  , BioPhyMol: A and theletus constituients are present which are responsible for more fatness, diabetic ,lack of concentration, autism sexual diseases ,respiratory diseases and other types of cancer
  • Affects working capabilities : Polymers are materials made of long, repeating chains of molecules. The materials have unique properties, depending on the type of molecules being bonded and how they are bonded. Some polymers bend and stretch, like rubber and polyester. … The term polymer is often used to describe plastics, which are synthetic polymers.It directly attacks working capabilities of any person.Due to intake of food through plastic pots  or storage of food in plastic pot , molecules of polymer enter in our cells and damages the working of cell.It is nothing but the one type of slow poisoning.
  • Attacks on growth of children : Medical report says that due to use of hot food in plastic,estrogen in plastic becomes active whih directly affect the presgency and birth of child.Therefore it is very harmful to take any hot food or stored food in plastic.It iis always advisiable from medical expert not to us plastic pot and plastic bottles during the pregnency It not only affect the womens but also affect the reproductive system.
  • Unbalances hormonal system : Costituients like a BioPhyMol: A and Diethylhexyl phthalate in plastic disturbs the harmonal system. Diethylhexyl-phthalate (DEHP) is a substance that is mainly used as an additive in plastics to make them more flexible. Phthalates are readily absorbed into the human body and are converted quickly to their respective metabolites.
  • Possibility of Cancer : There is increasing risk of cancer if you drink water through plastic bottles andkeeping any hot foodstuff in plastic pot.Therefore it is always advice not to keep any foodstuff in microwave oven.
  • Effect on kidney and bonemarrow : Due to hotness of pot there is chemical reaction which takes place along with the some byproduct of chemicals which are responsible for increasing the risk of liver ,kidney,bonemarrow problems .

Care to be taken:

  • Make a minimum use of plastic bottles,lunch box,znd hot boxes
  • Don’t use plastic bottles for more than 2 to 3 years.
  • Instead of using plastic bottle better to use glass bottles or steel bottles
  • Don’t keep oil container and other containers which are made up of plastic near to gas , there may be a having a possibility of chemical reactiondon’t keep any food in siver foil which is harmful
  • After the use of plastic don’t try to burn for destroying,instead you give for recycling

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