Becoming popular which is hot candle massage

Dark circles on face, pimples and various wrinkles are the indications of rising your age. For taking the care of all these symptoms different types of products are available in the market. By using this product we get somewhat relief from this by contr controlling this. In addition to that nowadays there is a new type of therapy which is becoming popular which is hot candle massage. Due to this type of massage, the attractiveness of skin, relief from  double chin and relief from loose skin

Way of making massage

In hot candle massage burning candle is placed in one pot. Through a special type of a pot, the wax is poured on the surface of the skin. Due to this type of hot wax, the body gets hot which you feel it better..In this, after pouring hot wax on the skin it is necessary to spread speedily on skin..After some time wax becomes solidify. Due to scrubing the wax skin becomes fresh and moisturizes and after this wet hot towel is placed on that particular area on which spread area of hot wax. After this procedure, the brightening pack is to be applied to the skin. Along with hot wax, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E oil is also mix while treatment. Due to this type of treatment, it also helps to remove stretch mark as well as ageing mark

Types of candles

Various fragrance and constituents of candles are used in this type of treatment. In that lavender essential oil, cocoa butter oil, rose merry oil, lemon aroma candles play a very important role..Due to oil treatment, it affects very positively to the massage for getting relief from various diseases.

Benefits of manicure and Pedicure

By using candle massage therapy one can use manicure as well as pedicure.In this cleaning of hand nails and feet nails is possible with cutal cream, along with file and shaping ..In this type of treatment hot wax of candle is used in manicure and pedicure.

During pregnancy

In the case of pregnancy it is not necessary to make massage. Some time smell of wax is not like to a person who is taking this massage.In such case addition of camphor makes a different type of smell other than wax. This type of therapy is beneficial in cold, headache and vomiting. It is also useful in solving the problem of sleep disorder.For this type of therapy, lavender essential oil,cocoa butter oil, rosemary oil and lemon are used as a candle . With the massage with a candle , it helps to recover some diseases

For wrinkleless skin

With the help of lavender essential can get the relief from blood pressure, headache and sunburn. Different types of candles are useful for curing different types of disease. Treatment with the candle is also possible to make the freshness of the skin. For reducing the wrinkle on the skin, this treatment is very useful. With this treatment, there is chances of getting not only the physical freshness but also mental fitness.

How beneficial:

Jasmin oil candle: Candle massage is very useful in stress, depression and sinus

Jojoba oil candle: This type of candle is used in removing  wrinkles of skin especially face, pigmentation, blemish and dark circles and it helps to increase the glow

Coca butter candle : This type of candle massage is beneficial in removing wrinkles and freshness of skin.

Rosemary oil candle : This type of candle help to reduce stress and strain and muscles becomes strong

Lemon aroma candle: This type of candle is very useful in curing the problem of headache, arthritis and skin problems

Sandlewood candle: Due to the use of this candle, problems related to urine can be cured. This type of treatment by using candle is the best for the dryness of skin.It is also useful in sleep disorder and gluten

Other benefits

Shiningness: Due to taking proper treatment from expert attractiveness and shining of skin helps to retain.

Enhances beauty: It also helps to make the blood circulation properly which directly related to their beauty. Because most of the problem arises with the improper blood circulation.

Other benefits: Other benefits are also such as relaxation, smooth and better feelings, easing of tension, making breath better

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