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Benefits of Coconut water

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Benefits of Coconut water

  1. Controlling of blood sugar in a body which plays very important in the functioning
  2. Coconut water help to improve the blood circulation
  3. It helps to reduce the weight
  4. It cures bad hangover
  5. It is the energy creator in body
  6. It helps to maintain water level in body
  7. It help to improve health of heart
  8. It acts as a fats burner
  9. It helps to dissolve kidney stone
  10. It has many antioxidant properties. Being a low calories , it is fat free
  11. It is a potassium content of 600 milligrames
  12. It is low Glycemic

Disadvantages of Coconut water

  • Excess of coconut water may increases potassium content
  • Impact on blood sugar in body


Contents of other element

  1. 15 % of daily requirements of magnesium,17 % of manganese and 10 % of vitamin C in one cup coconut water
  2. One cup of coconut water contains 250 mg. of sodium which help to recover water due to sweat
  3. It acts as a electrolyte

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