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Best way to for discipline of diet

how to control diet
how to control diet
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Have  a discipline for eating

“As I was not fat earlier”,” I want to reduce my weight ”,” I want to go for morning walk”,” I want to go for dieting”.These are the words of a person who want to something about overweighted. Keeping your body fit and controlling your weight, now it is becoming a challenge for everyone..keeping your diet control and balanced diet, both play a very important role in maintaining the fitness of the body. These two factors are the key factor in getting a better result.


 Be a smart eater

If the percentage of fats increases in the body, then there is chances of increasing weight. So in your foodstuff, it is necessary to avoid fats less food or to use it in a smaller amount. Most of the people have the wrong mentality about the taste of foodstuff. As per their knowledge, more use of oil, tastier that food is. This is completely a wrong assumption about this. In less use of oil, there can be good preparation for various items of food. Overuse of oil in their foodstuff is responsible for increasing weight. Baking, grilling and steamy food are the best alternatives for frying. Instead of giving preference to shallow fry (As it is generally small items that are shallow fried, very little more cooking is required. … A healthier method of shallow frying is to dry fry. Using a good quality non-stick pan, heat it to a high temperature and drop the food in. It will then seal quickly and cook in any fat that it releases itself.)

Try to use a different type of vegetable along with spicy items for eating. Due to this, one can enjoy various types of foodstuff

Instead of butter nan, better to use FULKA i.e. wheat chapatti or  maize Bhakari

Keep your mood aside

Most people have a habit of saying that I have not any mood eating something. This is completely wrong. The long gap between two eating time cause to increase your acidity may cause various types of health. Excessive eating at one time is also not beneficial to the body. Whenever your body is demanding a food you eat it as per the demand of your hungry. Instead of eating for a single time or two times it is necessary to eat food for three to four time. or according to DR. Dixit formula, you eat any foodstuff till becoming fully hungry. If you are too much moody for eating, try to invite your friend for sharing your foodstuff.

In advance planning

Whenever you want to eat, you consume something, for that you open refrigerator for eating foodstuff. In advance make the planning of foodstuff. Keep anything you like, keep in the refrigerator for eating. Better to keep fruits and vegetable salad for eating.

Keep electronic gadget away

While taking lunch or dinner or any eating anything keep your electronic gadget away from your eating place, which increases the power of taking intake. Due to this, you can concentrate your eating toward your food. Take your food enjoyment and slowly so that there will be easy for constipation.

Keep your body in discipline

In your daily routine, it is necessary to make exercise which keeps your body energetic. Excessive use of eating is not beneficial to the body.



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