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Coffee and your face

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Keep your body beautiful

We have knowledge about the turmeric as well as sandalwood are useful for glowing our skin. These are natural cosmetic. In addition to that, there is another substance which is useful for making a beautiful is the use of coffee. With the help of coffee facial like beauty, the parlour is possible. Due to the presence of some nutrient in coffee, wrinkles on face can be removed with proper technique. Following are some of the procedure for making a face pack and way of applying that face pack on the face.

As a scrub it is useful

Coffee is called as a natural scrubber.All the constituent which are responsible for removing dead cells is present in coffee. For making a coffee scrub. Use one tablespoon of olive oil in coffee powder. Mix it till it becomes a fine powder solution…Apply it with your hand very smoothly and scrub it with care. Due to applying this, it is possible to remove the dead cell in the skin. This can be applied to to the different portion of body also.

Coffee facial

Due to the coffee facial, spots on face get remove and face look beautiful. For making a coffee facial, mix coconut oil in coffee powder. Apply this mixture on the face to get smooth and attractive skin which removes the dead cells of a body.

Gives new life to cells

Antiimplementary properties in coffee, cells in the skin get protected. In coffee, there is the property of giving new life or recharge the cell of the body. Therefore the use of coffee not only for drinking but also for external is very useful. Use of coffee removes the tanning of the skin and activate the pores of the skin.

Very useful for eyes

Thre is generally a swelling occurs below the eyes due to weakness, stress or disease. Coffee cubes is the one remedy on swelling below eyes. For making cubes of coffee, mix a coffee with water and place it in a refrigerator so as to form cubes. After forming cubes smoothly make a massage with cubes on the swelling area of eyes which helps to reduce swelling.

Antiaging properties

Due to the antiaging properties present in coffee, it helps to get the protection from pimples, wrinkles shaded spots on face. In addition to that coffee plays a very important role in keeping the protection from bacteria and  fungus Coffee ac5ts as skinguard.coffee scrub helps to reduce wrinkles on the face

For clean and soft feet

Coffee scrub is not only for the face but it is also useful for feet also. Due to coffee scrubbing, dead cells helps to remove and also there is also touch of nutritive content and wetness soft. For making a coffee scrub for feet, add two tablespoons of coconut oil and two tablespoons of vanilla extract with one cup of coffee powder. After making a proper mixture apply it on feet.After some time wash with warm water which will be a different experience to your feet. Due to this treatment, your feet will become soft.

Four days a week

Take one tablespoon coffee powder in a bowl. Mix half tablespoon of rice flour, two tablespoons of milk which are not boiled, one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey with coffee powder in a bowl. Apply this mixture to face and neck .make a massage for 10-15 minutes. After this, wash your face with water. Due to this type of facial pack, your face gets glow. There is another type of facial pack which you can make in your home. Mix some water and coffee powder with curd in a bowl. Mix this mixture till it becomes brown. Apply this mixture on face. Keep this mixture on face till it becomes dry. After 10-15 minutes wash face with warm water. You can experience freshness and softness of your face. In your busy life sometimes it is not possible to make the facial pack speedily. For that, if you want to have a speedy freshness of your face, take a coffee powder, mix it with water and apply this on the face, after some time washes it with water. This is a very easy way to get the freshness and softness of your face. There is also another way to get the freshness, for that mix coffee powder with water and then apply it so as to get the freshness of face.

Scalp Exfoliator

For getting the energy to dry and pale hair, the coffee paste is very useful. Due to the presence of antioxidant content and protein hair becomes bright and attractive It helps to strengthen the roots of the hair. Many times we avoid to give attention to dandruff of hair which is only due to the dead cell Due to the use of coffee, skin on the surface of head become fresh and Due to the use of scalp exfoliator, hair becomes strong and glowing

How it is useful:

  • Cellulite reduction. Coffee may help reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin.
  • Calming effects.
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Vitamin B-3 for skin cancer
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Acne treatment
  • Dark circles.
  • After-sun care.

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