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Proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and lactic acid in milk work effectively for lighter, blemish and acne-free skin and nourish the hair

Magic of milk

We all know that milk is rich in nutrients and plays an important role in the healthy growth and development of both body and mind.  Here’s how it helps the skin and hair to glow

For removing tan

Cotton wool soaked in cold milk can be used to wipe the skin to remove tan and soothe the skin. Cold milk applied daily, using cotton wool, not only helps to soothe the skin, but also keeps it soft. It also makes the skin colour lighter over a period, if used daily. It would suit normal to dry skins.

For wintercare

During winter, milk may be applied on normal to oily skin, to relieve dryness and improve skin texture.

For healthy hair

Milk can be applied on the hair to nourish and soften it and to give it a healthy lustre. If the hair has been subjected to sun-damage, applying milk would help to nourish, soften and restore health to it.

After your shampoo, rinse the hair with milk and leave on for five minutes. Then rinse off with plain water. It would help to add body and shine to the hair. For extremely dry hair, add a little milk to egg yolk and apply on the hair half an hour before shampoo. This is a wonderful nourishing treatment for dry hair. The hair looks soft, smooth and shiny.

A pre-shampoo treatment can also be done with a hair pack containing powdered milk. Add a little water to make a thick paste. Apply it on the hair then dip a towel in hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap the hot towel around the head, like a turban. Keep it on for five minutes. Repeat the hot towel wrap three or four times. This helps the hair and scalp absorb the pack better.

Warm milk for skin

Soak lotus flowers in three to four tablespoons warm milk for an hour. Crush the flowers with the fingers.  Add three teaspoons gram flour and mix it with the milk and crushed flowers into a paste. Apply on the face, avoiding the lips and area around eyes.  Wash it off after 20 to 30 minutes.

Raw milk for skin

Raw milk should be used on the face for beauty care. Boiling the milk destroys several nutrients. For a face pack. Add 2/3rd tsp of gram flour to raw milk and mix well. Add very little honey and rose to the mixture. Apply on the face and wash off with water after 10 minutes.

Source : http://www.thehansindia.com




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