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For maximum impact, follow Make-Up tips

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Simple maMake-up tips to create maximum impact

New Delhi( India ): Avoid heavy make-up and dark eyes in monsoon to look chic and be comfortable, says an expert.

Aakriti Kochar, beauty and make-up expert, Oriflame India, suggests how to get minimal make-up looks:

* It is always good to wear a sun block as a good base to protect your skin from any damage during the day. Keep the look minimal; go for soft smudged eyeliner — maybe brown instead of black. If you are fond of using a mascara, use a waterproof one which stays on keeping in mind the hot and humid weather. A soft matte blush for the day is also a good addition to the look. Lips with soft pink and coral can add to the fresh look.

* Using a BB cream instead of a foundation is also a good idea since it is an all-in-one moisturizer, SPF, foundation, compact and primer. A good BB cream can compensate for multiple layers since in one layer it does it all. It is light and comfortable on the skin.

* Avoid heavy make-up and dark eyes in monsoon. Smokey eyes is a big no! Lip and cheek tint is a good idea for summer or monsoon as well, since it’s light weight and gives a natural hint of colour.

* Avoid glosses in monsoon since they have a sticky feel to it which makes it extremely uncomfortable in humid weather.


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