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How to control Temper …….

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It is perfectly natural to lose your temper sometimes. Many situations andcircumstances arise in everyday life that will anger, irritate and frustrate you, and often you will find it difficult controlling your emotions. When you feel overwhelmed by rage, your muscles tense, heart rate increases, breath becomes shorter and faster and temples start pounding.

Reasons for  Temper ………

There are definite triggers that may cause you to lose your temper – anxiety, demanding workloads, hectic lifestyles, family, social and financial responsibilities and unrealistic expectations of people. If someone constantly calls you names, bullies, torments or humiliates you, this is bound to cause a reaction.

Parents often lose their temper when their children disobey them, do badly at school, contend with large problems, or feel they have been taken advantage of. Some people have a shorter temper than others and often become easily provoked and enraged. When it hampers your personal relationships with friends and family, leads to violence, creates trouble in your professional life and people fear your temperamental nature, you need help.

controlling Temper

There are various solutions and coping mechanisms such as psychotherapy, anger management, communication skills training, or self control training are all ways to control angry and aggressive behaviors. These strategies will teach you to draw boundaries, take positive control of negative emotions and channel them more constructively.

By including relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, visualization techniques, repeating positive affirmations, meditation or yoga into your lifestyle can make a significant difference in helping you to control your temper and remain calm.










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