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majhe varhad beauty
majhe varhad beauty
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Multi masks are loaded with highly concentrated ingredients that focus on one issue – brightening, clearing out pores, blackheads, dry skin etc.

Single masking never makes a necessity of all requirements of body. Different  parts of face have different needs and according to need of part of face it is necessity to treat properly with that particular area. Some of the ladies have lower part of eyes are dry, some of have spots or pimple  on cheek. There may be possibility of having part of nose  be oily. In such a case of different need of face, there is no solution of single masking. That’s why there is a need of multi masking in facial treatment.Multi masking means use of various mask for treatment of various parts of face. In multi masking various types of masks are used to treat various parts of face.  Up to this age we are only concern about the awareness of face in terms of oily or dry face, but now a day according to techniques of treating face masks are made as per your requirements According to some beautician  applying a same type of mask for general tone of skin may not be beneficial.

On social media you can see various types of videos regarding multi masking. Many types of videos are available for giving advice regarding multi masking. In addition to this, various techniques of making multi masking are also available on YouTube.

Need to know the tone of skin : It is necessary to have a knowledge of your skin in which part of skin is dry or having a spot. According to beautician, every one must have to be very perfect aware about skin. Multi masking helpful for those people who are very aware about their skin. If you are thinking about your eyes, space around eyes are very delegate and for that it is better to make a use of mask of Papaya. If you are 35 plus, then you are wrinkles on face. For moisturizing skin,it is necessarily to make the use of masking. Along with eyes lips also come in this category which is very delegate and sensitive part of face. For lips also various types of masks are available in market. While working in day to day life , sunlight influences us which affects forehead as well as chin. Due to exposes to sunlight these two parts of face affects too much. Best mask for forehead and chin are brightening face mask.

Advantages of multi masking : Due to multi masking all parts of face gets exposes and it helps to solve the other problems of skin. Every one have to perform this type of activity at least one time so as to remove the unwanted spots on the faces

Origin of multi masking : This technique of multi masking is performed in Korea at first. Skin of Korean people was of mixed type and that’s why they need to have special treatment for every part of face. Such type of trend was very much popular in that country. this type of trend became too much popular among the other country specially in women. Due to social media it gets widely spread throughout the world

Following are the cases in which  you should use multi masking …

1. Irritation + Breakouts: Acne treatments are jammed with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, which do not only dry out a pimple, but the other areas of the face as well. Calm dry skin, banish bumps and treat sensitive skin all at the same time by using active charcoal mask on the pimples while applying an anti-inflammatory mask elsewhere.

2. Large Pores + Oily Skin: Large pores and oily skin go hand in hand, they team up to cause trouble to your skin. Target enlarged pores (cheek and nose area are the most prone) with a clay mask. A clay mask helps in clearing out the entire gunk from your pores like a magnet, which stretches pores and oxidizes creating black spots. On the oily areas of the face, apply a detoxifying mask to remove other skin impurities without ripping of the natural moisture levels of the skin. If you lose the natural moisture levels, your body will produce more oil. 

3. Fine Lines + Dullness: Aging causes our skin to produce fresh-looking cells less frequently and all the movements that we make with our lips and nose start to reside on your face permanently in the form of wrinkles. An algae mask is exfoliating thus taking away all the dullness and dead skin off your face while an anti-aging mask helps targeting all those areas on the face that are prone to fine lines. Try a mask that contains gold and caffeine in one mask, which reflects light on the face while making the skin look smooth.

4. Dry Cheek Area + Oily T Zone: This is otherwise known as a combination skin type, but there is a very easy way fix to it. You can use a mattifying mask to areas that are oily while a hydrating cream mask on the dry areas of the face that replenishes the natural oils of the face.

Helpful sites : https://makeupandbeauty.com/


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