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 Its a true use of magic water

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Its a true use of magic water

There are number of drinks which are very useful for healthy life With the help of drinks one can get energy for performing work in day to day life. For removal of tiredness, drinks are very useful main things in drinks should be that drinks should be alcohol free and any type of toxic substance. In market there are number of drinks which are available, many types of toxic substances are mixed in it. In the name of preservatives, many chemicals as well as ingredients are added in it. Now there are some recipes of drinks which can be made in home for enjoying homemade drinks. In summer, it is very need have a supply of water to complete body. In summer whenever we feel some types’ tiredness or uneasy we take of cold drinks which are available in market. Instead of taking drinks better to use drinking water which is very useful to our body. Without having special type of formula, healthy but having a touch of drinks can be used for drinks for getting energy and freshness of body.

Water of Cinnamon

Take one liter water and add one pinch of cinnamon or small piece of it in it. For getting required add small pieces of lemon, orange or apple or sapodilla. Stir it in a proper way. Keep it for 2 to 3 hours. Now it will be ready for drinking whenever you want to drink water or thirsty.

Water of Cucumber

This water help to hydrate your body. Cucumber is very cheap source of keeping your body cold. For that you have to take three to four slices of cucumber, some pieces of lemon, and mint. Keep all these, in liter water for two to three hours And after keeping, it will be ready for drinking. Such a type of magic water is very useful to our body


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