Need to pick up for the winter

If you are enjoying a tour on specially spot regarding mountain in winter . You must be aware of needs during this enjoyment .  Lists the essentials that you need to pick up for the winter vacation:

* Lotion and lip balm: The weather in the mountains can cause skin dryness. It is important to take along lotion and lip balm. A lip balm and lotion rich in soy milk, body butter, cocoa or honey is the best pick for such weather.

* Sunscreen: It is highly recommended that you apply one with an SPF that suits you to prevent you from that harsh mountain sunburn.

* Hydrator: Your skin might lose moisture due to lack of humidity in the air. To make sure this doesn’t affect your skin, use a hydrator. The hydrators lock the moisture in your skin and leaves it flake free. Apply the hydrator before going to the bed.

* Hair conditioner: The chilly winds can also make your hair dry. Replenishment of moisture loss is very important. Carry along a conditioner which keeps your hair’s moisture intact.

* Hand cream: For smooth hands, take along a good quality hand cream and use it as often as you can, especially after washing your hands or playing with the snow.

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