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Planning of healthy life ……….

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              RomanticLife1_1  0 hours of mobile use :

Mobile is essential part of life , which has benefits as well as harmful to your body                      .Try to avoid use of mobile

 1 hours of exercise :

Exercise plays very important role in keeping health fit. Daily atleast  1 hour of                            exercise is necessary for

keeping your body well .

   2 liters of water :

At least 2litres  of water should be drink to keep water level

3 Cups of hot green tea :

Green tea is a antioxidant and nutrients on the surface of earth which is the                               healthiest beverage

  4 hours of mental breaks or entertainments

For healthy life ,some type of mental breaks or mental peace or any type of                                entertainments due to which you feel relaxation

5 small meals :

Instead of taking meal at one time,may be harmful to your body , so for that  5                         times short meal is more preferable

  6  am. Wake up time:

Taking a long time of sleep may affect to your health and invitation to fatness. So                      better for you to wake at 6

7 minutes of laughter :

Laughter reduces stress hormones and grows  immune cells and infection-                               fighting antibodies, thus improves  resistance power

8 hours of sleep :

Sleep is a important part of healthy life which  changes mood help you                                        feel better .It also benefit to your  weight ,lifestyle and mind

      9 p.m to  enjoy family life

Enjoyment with family is one of the part of life which adds joy to your life

       10 pm. To make prayer for God and romantic life

End your day with prayer of God and enjoy romantic life if possible


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