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Some different about Blood Pressure..

Some different about Blood Pressure
Some different about Blood Pressure
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In our everyday life, most of the people are suffering from blood pressure . For that everyone must know about the blood pressure and facts of this. Following are some of the known and unknown facts of this.

The pressure exerted by the flowing blood on the wall of a blood vessel is called blood pressure

The blood pressure is measured by an instrument called sphygmomanometer

The pressure in the artery at the time of ventricular contraction is called systolic pressure..It is generally 120 mm Hg in a normal person

The pressure in the artery during ventricular relaxation is called diastolic pressure. It is 80 mmHg in a normal person. Higher values of blood pressure greater than120 mm Hg

Uncontrolled high blood pressure raises the risk of heart disease and stroke, which are leading causes of death.

 High blood pressure is treatable and preventable. To lower your risk, get your blood pressure checked regularly and take action to control your blood pressure if it is too high

High blood pressure may be linked to dementia.

Young people can have high blood pressure, too.

High blood pressure doesn’t just happen to older adults. About one in four men and nearly one in five women age 35 to 44 have high blood pressure.4

High blood pressure is a leading cause of stroke, a condition that is on the rise among younger people. Experts think the increased risk for stroke among young adults is a direct result of the rising rates of obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes—conditions that are preventable and treatable.

Younger people should get their blood pressure checked at least once each year. You can get your blood pressure checked at a doctor’s office, a pharmacy, or at many grocery stores.

Women with high blood pressure who become pregnant are more likely to have complications during pregnancy than those with normal blood pressure.

High blood pressure can harm a mother’s kidneys and other organs, and it can cause low birth weight and early delivery. Certain types of birth control can also raise a woman’s risk for high blood pressure.

Women with high blood pressure who want to become pregnant should work with their health care team to lower their blood pressure before becoming pregnant.

Experts think this is related to higher rates of obesity, diabetes, and stroke among this group.

Lifestyle changes, such as reducing sodium in your diet, getting more physical activity, and reducing stress, can help lower blood

What should do?

•             Eating a healthy diet

•             Maintaining a healthy weight

•             Getting enough physical activity

•             Not smoking

•             Limiting alcohol use Learn more about steps you can take to prevent high blood pressure.


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