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Nowadays Fitness is an individual need of life which is also a part of a social trend. For fitness, people choose various types of exercises including dieting, yoga aerobics, spa, dance therapy, and other traditional exercises but while choosing this their main priority is as per their time requirement and time availability and their suitability. In today’s busy life it is very difficult for anyone to make free time for your exercise which is the most important part of your life. In spite of having a desire, they can’t free their time for exercise. If you want to keep your body chargeable and fit for 24 hours you must have to give your time for exercise especially physical as well as mental. For any person, necessary sleep is a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 8 hours sleep. Out of 24 hours, if you minus the average of sleeping 7 hours of sleeping, you are getting17 hours. Out of 17 hours, you utilize your 2 hours for physical as well as a mental exercise. Remaining time is 15 hours. These remaining hours will be in the full power of energy. For getting fully fit in minimum time some types of exercises are given.
Those who want more energy and has a nature of Swifty, agile, nimble and frisky, kickboxing is the most powerful exercise. This type of exercise is becoming more popular with youngsters. Due to this, it helps to burn 80 to 90 calories in 5 minutes of exercise.
Freehand exercise:
In many fitness centers, fitness programs are arranged as per their physical status, mental status, and working status. Due to this, there is coordination between physical interaction with their mental interaction. At a result of this, there is more fitness in their both, physical and mental status. This type of exercise which comes in the category called Freehand exercise In this, neither use of any instrument nor any type of particular movement are used. Due to this there is burning of 250 to 300 calories in one hour exercise.
Speedy Gyming
In most of Gyms number of instruments are available. These types of equipment are generally electrical and automatic. Due to this equipment, every part of the body comes in the exercise. In an electrical treadmill, there is an option for choosing the speed
Treadmills also help to
• Lose Weight Faster
• Improve Your Heart Health
• Improves Muscle Tone
Dance movement therapy
Nowadays dance movement therapy reached to top to its popularity. Dance/movement therapy usually referred to simply as dance therapy or DMT, is a type of therapy that uses movement to help individuals achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration. Beneficial for both physical and mental health, dance therapy can be used for stress reduction, disease prevention, and mood management. In addition, DMT’s physical component offers increased muscular strength, coordination, mobility, and decreased muscular tension. Dance/movement therapy can be used with all populations and with individuals, couples, families, or groups. In general, dance therapy promotes self-awareness, self-esteem, and a safe space for the expression of feelings. This therapy is useful in Depression, heart diseases, arthrosis, Osteoporosis, Parkinson and dyslexia
Power Yoga
Throughout the world, Yoga is becoming very popular. In that Power Yoga which an apart of Yoga which has its some specific importance. Due to Primeminister of India Narendra Modi, various types of Yoga is spreading very speedily. Power yoga is the western version of Ashtanga Yoga. Power yoga is a more physical, lively, energetic type of practice. This style guides you through yoga teaching on a more aerobic exercise and with continuous and strenuous movements. Yoga teacher training has been taking this style of yoga and presenting it to those looking for a challenge.

Power yoga is a combination of other yoga styles Bikram and Ashtanga yoga. It uses intense cardiovascular and strength workouts to those that practice. This style still incorporates the traditional poses from other yoga styles but combines breathing into the flow and movement of each pose. To enhance each pose and build strong endurance and concentration some poses are held much longer than in traditional practice. Yoga certification and yoga teacher training will help you learn how to make the appropriate modifications.
Katrina Kaif, Kangana Ranaut, Samira Reddy, and another Bollywood actress always use this type of exercise. It is useful for physical as well as mental development.
Steambath is one of the best options for burning calories. Due to a steam bath, there is an increase in temperature without making any type of exercise, In addition to that, it helps to remove toxic material on the skin. At a result of this, there is a prevention of any type of infection which is one of the best methods to increase the immune power of anyone..Generally, due to 15 minutes bath, there is a burning of 120 to175 calories
Slimming activity
In this type of centre, there is a change in personal diet as per their requirement to get a better result for weight loss. For this, some fixed time is allotted to a person for reducing weight. According to their schedule, proper intake of food is arranged for the person who seeks to reduce the weight.
Keep in mind
• If you are very Swifty and speed movement then aerobics and Yoga are the best exercises.For increasing the physical strength, it is better to go to the Gym . For physical fitness, there are also some other alternatives such as jogging, bricks walking and swimming
• Selection of exercise should depend upon the need for physical fitness and capacity of a person to make exercise.
• If you are suffering from any medical problem, better to take the advice of a doctor

Home activity
• While working with our day to day activity it is possible to experience fitness. For that is is not necessary to go to the Gym and another exercise center
• Runing, jogging and walking in a non-crowded area and garden are the best exercise for everyone for that no one has to pay.
• While step up and step down of multistoried building is also one type of exercise. For that try to use the lift as much as less.
• Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner. You’d have to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you’d burn jumping rope. Use the WebMD Calorie Counter to figure out how many calories you’ll burn for a given activity, based on your weight and the duration of the exercise.


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