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Weight Loss Tips in 19 Simplest Ways to Lose Fat


Weight loss cannot be achieved in a day or two, and we are all impatient whenever it comes to getting the waist line close to the zero figure mark. We want to lose weight as soon as possible, we want to get thinner right now! But, as we all know, weight loss, especially a healthy one, takes more time than we can imagine. It’s a process, and your body needs to adapt to the changes that you make to your routine, exercises and to your diet. Today, let’s look at some tips on how to lose weight in a week:

1) : Take minimum 6 hours sleep

Not only healthy dose of sound sleep will normalize your metabolism, which is one of the essential “ingredients” of healthy weight loss, but also, good rest will reduce your stress levels and prevent you from “emotional” eating.

2) : Eat 6 small portions a day, instead of 3 big ones

Eating more often, but smaller meals can boost your metabolism, helping you lose weight almost effortlessly.

3 ) : Don’t skip your breakfast

Not only healthy breakfast can supply you with the boost of energy in the morning, but also, it will help to keep your hunger at bay later during the day, so that you will snack less. Go for the mix of fresh fruits, protein and whole grains, when preparing your breakfast.

4 ) : Energize yourself with music

exercising can efficiently help you to lose weight, but what can add even more of a boost to your working out routine is a good, rhythmic, energizing music. Load you mp3 player with your favorite songs and hit the gym to work hard for your desired figure.

5 ) : Don’t use soda

Avoid drinking soda and other sugary drinks, because they are packed with plenty of calories and sugar, that you don’t even notice. Did you know that a can of Coke contains 39 grams of sugar? Therefore, consuming these kind of drinks, definitely, won’t help you to lose weight, especially, if you want to see quick results.

6 ) : Reduce the size of your portions.

Well, this doesn’t mean that you need to reduce your portion size to nothing, it shouldn’t be extremely small; the food you eat should still supply you with all the necessary energy for living, but if you even slightly reduce the size of your meals (for example, by ¾), your weight loss results will be visible as quickly, as in one week.

7 ) : Exercise to lose weight

If you wonder how to lose weight in a week, sport can definitely help. Here are some top most effective exercises that can help you shed pounds: jogging, walking, step aerobics, swimming, bicycling, elliptical burner, dancing, zumba and house cleansing.

8 ) : Don’t skip meals

First of all, skipping meals can slow down your metabolism, which, in turn, can make the weight loss process very slow and more difficult. Also, if you skip meals, your feeling of hunger will grow even more, so that the temptation to overeat will become even greater.

9 ) : 7 days healthy diet plan

If you wonder how to lose weight in a week  a 7 days healthy diet plan can definitely help. Work out how much food you need daily (it’s better to do it together with your dietitian), keeping in mind your current eating habits and weight loss goals. Also, get yourself a notebook and write down everything you eat daily, it will help you keep track of consumed calories and be more disciplined. When figuring out your 7 days healthy diet plan, make sure to include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains into your list.

10 ) : Include freshly made soups into your diet

Researches show that eating soups regularly, can not only ameliorate the digestive process and boost your metabolism, but also it can help you lose weight easier.

11 ) : Smaller plates

Using smaller plates is a psychological trick that can help you to eat less and, therefore, shed extra pounds

12 ) : Limit your calorie intake

Limiting your calorie intake can definitely help you to lose that extra weight; for this purpose you would probably need to plan all your meals in advance, based on your daily calorie needs (it will depend on you age, height, weight and activity level).

13 ) : Drink a glass of water before your meal

Drinking a glass of water before eating can help you feel full quicker and this, with less food.

14 ) : Smart grocery shopping

First of all, never go grocery shopping hungry. Second, avoid going to those areas of the grocery store, where you can be tempted to buy cookies, chips, ice-creams, sodas, pizzas and other unhealthy, fattening and processed foods.

15 ) : While in a restaurant…

Going to restaurants on a regular basis can tremendously increase your weight, therefore, try to cut down on restaurants or be prepared to make healthier choices when you order: chose lean meat or fish with a salad, instead of pasta or pizza, and have a fruit salad for dessert, instead of an ice-cream or a cake.

16 ) : Fresh fruits and vegetables

If you feel hungry between your meals, snack on fresh fruits, berries and fresh vegetables. These healthy snacks will help boost your metabolism and nourish your body with vitamins, healthy nutrients and fiber, helping you lose weight the healthy way.

17 ) : Drink water

Water is a very important “ingredient” of healthy weight loss, not only it can help boost your metabolism, but also, water can provide you with the feeling of full stomach. Often, when we feel hungry, we are, actually, thirsty. Therefore, make sure to drink, at least, 8 glasses of water every day, especially, if you are serious about shedding those extra pounds.

18 ) : Avoid night time eating

I won’t tell you to stop eating after 6 PM, because it can really be difficult, especially, if you are a night owl. Stop eating at least 3-4 hours before going to sleep.

19 ) : Weigh yourself

Weigh yourself every 3 days (but don’t do it too often though), it will help you to monitor your weight loss and stay motivated.

I hope you’ve found these weight loss tips useful.

Stay beautiful and treasure yourself!

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