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Facial scrub is one of the method of glowing your face . Process of scrubbing stimulates the skin to grow new cell . When you exfoliate your face, it is also easier for your skin to absorb serum and moisturizer while creating a smoother canvas for makeup application

Precautions while scrubbing

Due to scrubbing skin becomes clean and fresh. Don’t try to scrub before the age of 25 years. Excessive use of scrubbing leads to poor change in skin. . Lack of precautions may affect badly to skin causes various types of harmful effects

Only after 25 years

Scrubbing should be done only after 25 years . Up to 25 years there is a very fewer chance of forming dead cells and hence there is no need to make scrubbing. As you start before 25 years, there may be change in the skin in the form of roughness. One can make facial in your young age but don’t make any type of mistake for scrubbing.

Collect proper information

According to some women, scrubbing help to reduce the dullness of skin. Scrubbing is helpful for skin tone and texture improvement. Till you get complete information and procedure of scrubbing for your skin , don’t think on scrubbing. If your are having not enough knowledge, you may suffer black spot and harmful damage to your skin.

Use of light pressure

Some of wrong concept regarding scrubbing in women’s mind that heavy pressure create a proper blood circulation. In practical heavy pressure during scrubbing may causes rashes on skin. According to beautician, Pores becomes clean Due to scrubbing small pores on the surface of skin becomes clean due to which there is a very fewer chance of infection. For having a clean and fresh it is necessary to make scrubbing in a proper age only

Necessity of toning

After scrubbing there should be a proper toning, due to which skin becomes fresh . For toning the best way to give a layer of mixture papaya, tomato and banana pulp

Better to make scrubbing 2 times a week

Main benefits of scrubbing is smoothness of skin and removal of dead cells in skin. It should not be done continuously. If done daily it may affect to your skin very badly which causes reduction in freshness and roughness. According to beautician, it is enough to make scrubbing 2 times a week

Try for small particles scrub

Particles of mixture also plays a very important role in scrub. Larger particles affect skin very poorly. So for that better to use small particle scrub. Mixture used for scrub which is made from bark of orange, seeds of papaya and apricots (jardalu or khubani) should be of small particles.

Scrubbing as per your skin

Selection of scrub depends upon your types of skin. On dry skin don’t try to scrub directly On dry skin, moisture your face properly before scrubbing and make some slight liquidation to your scrub mixture and try this solution for scrub. As you are a having an oilish skin better to make exfoliation to make scrub



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