Vitamin D for maintenance of normal bones and teeth

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Vitamin D  for maintenance of normal bones and teeth

  • Vitamin D helps in normal cell division
  • Vitamin D helps to make the normal development of bones and teeth among infants and young children
  • Vitamin D helps in maintenance of normal bones and teeth
  • Vitamin D improves normal function of the immune system and healthy inflammatory response
  • Observational data has suggested that vitamin D from foods and sunlight may help
    protect against multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease in which the body’s immune response attacks a person’s brain and spinal cord.
  • Vitamin D helps in maintenance of normal muscle function
  • Calcium, together with vitamin D, has been shown to help heal bone fractures from osteoporosis and decrease the risk of future bone breaks.
  • some population studies have suggested that supplementation with vitamin D may improve survival rates in those with a history of breast cancer. Other studies indicated that vitamin D3 supplementation might be effective in treating skin cancer. However, this research is still in the experimental stages.
  • Vitamin D reduces  the risk of falling. Falling is a risk factor for bone fractures, especially in men and women 60 years of age and older. In order to obtain the effect, 800 I.U. (20 µg) of vitamin D from all sources should be consumed daily
  • vitamin D is helpful for protect against ‘rickets’ and ‘osteomalacia’, diseases of severe vitamin deficiency.
  • Food Sources of D

Following are rich sources of Vitamin D

salmon,  sardines,egg yolk,shrimp,milk (fortified),cereal (fortified),yogurt (fortified),

orange juice (fortified),

It can be hard to get enough vitamin D each day through sun exposure and food alone, so taking vitamin D supplements can help.,






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